Limiting beliefs is a powerful thing that can affect you being successful in your business. You can, however, experience greater FREEDOM as you begin to explore your beliefs and experience true transformation.

Look at the following list and without over-thinking or over-analyzing the statements just notice which ones have the most charge as you read down the list. You may find that there are many that might apply depending on what you are doing, who you are with and your general mood at a particular time. Circle the ones you are most apt to believe or think about much of the time. Be honest with yourself…no one else has to see this but you…

* I’m too old/too young
* I’m not smart enough
* I’m not attractive enough
* I’m too fat/too thin
* I am very smart but don’t want to brag or be a know it all
* I don’t know the right people-if I did things would be better
* If I speak up and tell the truth people will not like me
* My family does not support me
* I can’t make more than my parents did
* I’m not educated enough
* I’m afraid of trying and failing
* I am afraid of success and how things will change
* You have to have money to make money
* I’m not a sales person
* Building the business is hard
* There is not enough time to do everything I need to
* I have to work long hours to get everything done
* I’m doing it all alone because I can’t afford to hire help
* I can’t make enough money because of the economy
* I’ve already tried everything
* When you get older you put on a few pounds-it’s natural
* Your health just gets worse as you age
* It’s expensive to eat well
* It_________(bad health, diabetes, obesity, etc) just runs in my family
* I have done everything to loose weight-I guess I’m just meant to be this way
* I do not have enough willpower to stick to a healthy diet
* You loose your flexibility and stamina as you age
* Things just don’t seem to work out for me
* Some people have all the luck
* I am not lucky
* I should be happy with what I have
* It’s selfish of me to want more
* I’m too shy
* I’m too loud
* There are others that are more deserving than me
* If I shine too bright others will not like me
* I can’t make more money than my partner
* Men are supposed to be the providers
* You have to work hard to get ahead
* All the good ones are taken
* Relationships don’t last-look at the statistics
* I’m too independent to be in a relationship
* Men (or women) can’t be trusted
* I’m better off alone because I don’t want to have to compromise
* I’m better off alone because_________(fill in your answer)
* My other relationships didn’t work so why bother now?
* Rich people aren’t happy
* Rich people are just out for themselves and can’t be trusted
* Money isn’t everything
* It’s better to give than receive
* Money corrupts people
* Add your own ___________________________________________

Bring to mind an area of life that you’d most like to transform right now…It could be your time and money freedom/finances, your relationships, your health or your current career. This will be an area where you have had challenges or struggles and feel unfulfilled.

Now go through the list again and star the self-limiting beliefs that resonate more strongly with the area you want to transform.

These culprits may be wreaking havoc on your ability to move forward.

First a short, simplified explanation about why you may be stopped right now and why you may create similar scenarios to stop you in the future.

All limiting beliefs were formed as an ego defense from your past experiences and subconscious programming. Your ego’s primary role is to keep you exactly where you currently are. Any growth or change is perceived as a threat to your survival and the ego will react, sometimes strongly in order to control your decision making process. It can be very seductive and sound logical because it is couched in words that appear to be concerned about you. This is where the ego can be very tricky and fool us! It may say for example, “You don’t want to start that business now; the economy is shaky and remember what happened to Uncle Charlie last year. Just wait until things improve and then you can quit your job.”

Yet all the while you have a desire, to start the business and it has not left you alone. Therefore, if you feel a deep desire for starting a business you’d love, that desire is coming from your higher self. It will not let you alone because it’s for your fuller, freer expansion, expression and growth.

The ego recognizes this desire as a threat, and immediately gives you many reasons why you shouldn’t take action now. Because the ego is strong, we believe these excuses, and stay in the comfort zone (CZ). However there is never any growth in the CZ. We stay at a job, in a relationship or don’t do what we know on some level would give us different results.

What is the Truth?
Your higher self does not speak to you through fear, ever.

So let’s do an exercise that will help you discern the Truth about your limited beliefs that you starred. All you will need is a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes, your starred list and extra paper and something to write with.

First get in the present by taking a few deep, cleansing breaths and begin to relax. You may want to close your eyes for a few moments and just notice your breathing, inhaling and exhaling to a count of four as you relax more.

Now imagine that you are talking to a trusted friend, partner, colleague or someone you greatly admire and one who is wise, doesn’t judge you and is there to support you 100%.(they can be alive or deceased) You are talking to them and telling them about your desires and why you can’t have them and you have read them all of your limiting beliefs. They are just listening with an open heart and mind. They believe in you and you know that. Once you have this loving, wise, non-judgmental person in mind, you can open your eyes and orient to your paper where you have starred your limiting beliefs.

On a blank paper now write down the first response that your loving, wise, non-judgmental person gives you as you tell them about your concerns.

Now read your starred limiting beliefs again and read your trusted friend’s response. This wise person will have said something supportive and encouraging to you. They would not have agreed with your limited or fearful perception of yourself. They might have said, “I see you- you have many gifts. You are wiser and more capable than you know.”

The purpose here is to begin to see the Truth of who you are and how capable you are. You CAN create and have anything you TRULY DESIRE. You can access your loving, wise person anytime you need guidance. Remember that the TRUTH does not speak to you through fear. Are you ready to take more risks and show up bigger and bolder in your life?

Author's Bio: 

As a certified coach and Life Mastery Consulant, Valerie has trained and mentored with some of the elite mentors in the field of personal development. (Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli and Bob Proctor). As a published co-author of EMPOWER, Women's Stories of Breakthrough, Discovery and Triumph, Valerie shares a personal story of courage and challenge leading to her breakthrough.