Growing older is a challenge we all face. Nothing can stop the years from passing by. The worst part of aging is looking old.

Although aging can't be avoided, anti aging laser treatments Melbourne Australia has the answer. It can remove most of the marks time has left on your face, making you look and feel years younger.

What does anti aging laser treatments Melbourne Australia include?

Anti aging laser treatments Melbourne Australia can be split into two categories: ablative laser therapies and non - ablative therapies.

One of the best cosmetic treatments for correcting aging skin is ablative laser skin resurfacing. This is an invasive procedure that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Depending on the area being treated and the skin type, different types of ablative lasers are used - some targeting deeper into the skin than others.

In this surgical procedure, taking anything from 30 minutes to two hours, the top layers of your skin are vaporized by laser-generated energy. As your skin heals and reconstructs, the new skin will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Because of the intensity of this procedure, different forms of pain relief are given to patients. General anaesthesia is given before being treated with a deeper penetrating laser. For the less intense ablative lasers, an oral pain medication will be given before the treatment. The healing process can be quite painful, so you might need pain medication while recovering. Your skin will probably feel raw and uncomfortable for two to four weeks after the procedure. Swelling is also normal. It is recommended that you use healing ointments while your skin is recovering.

Non - ablative laser rejuvenation procedures are much less intense and take longer for the results to be seen. It is best suited for the lines and wrinkles found under the eyes, superficial facial wrinkles and shallow skin scars like the ones caused by acne. Sessions are fast and no recovery time, anaesthesia or pain medication is needed.

Thousands of little laser beams conducts heat deep under your skin, not doing anything to the top layer of skin, but targeting the tissue underneath. Old, damages skin are removed, causing the collagen to rebuild naturally in your skin. The improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars occur more gradually.

The best results will only occur after two to five treatments, depending on the area being treated. Except for a bit of redness, which will disappear after a few days, no other swelling or irritations should be expected.

If you’re fighting a losing battle against aging, consult your doctor about anti aging laser treatments Melbourne Australia. You too can find your way to youthful, glowing skin.

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