Trading in stock market is very profitable and one can earn great profit by investing in stock market. However, it can be a dangerous place where fortunes are being made and can be lost in the blink of an eye. Hence, traders prefer taking market related services like commodity tips to avoid the risk factors.

The most of the investors expect the markets to go up and they are considered bullish and in some economic and political environments even the most experienced investors get unpredictable. When the top investors feels that the market is going down in the near future, then here are some common steps they might take.

Liquidate risky positions:
When the investors sense danger ahead, then they sell investments. Most of the smart investors starts by selling their risky positions because it is easy to spot new business model. On the other hand, as a protection against losses other investors sell some of their most stable companies.

Nervous investors who rush to sell everything and sit at sideline, whereas the experienced investors do not follow the same because if you sell everything then you likely to miss the big profit which one can make when the market falls and recovers. Experienced investors never sell everything they just sell the risky stocks and positions from their portfolios and hold on to the stable ones.

Hoard Cash:
There are many traders who leave their portfolios alone, but they also stop reinvesting when the cash balance grow. The investors may turn off reinvestment and hold on to cash if they are heavily invests in dividend stocks and this also act as a hedge against portfolio losses.

Even if the investor’s stocks lose huge value then the investors with a large cash holding can safely wait out the bad market and wait for the perfect moment to begin investing again.

Move into fixed income investments:
When the market looks unstable then some investors who are tired of their stocks move their funds into fixed income investments. Fixed income investments are also termed as bonds. When stock prices fall the bond prices rise because bond prices tend to move inversely to the stock market.

Once Warren Buffett shared that when the markets are flying high and people are praising about profits and a fall in market prices is likely in the near future. The time to buy is when the investors are fearful and worried about the poor conditions of the market.

The market conditions can get worst anytime. Hence, to deal with the market one need to be very careful. To deal with the poor market conditions, every investor has his or her own unique strategy. Also taking services from a good stock market advisory can be very helpful in gaining knowledge about market performance before investing. This will also reduce the risk factors associated with market.

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