What the Heck is Wrong with You?

I actually have a smile on my face just thinking about this. I remember the day so clearly like it was yesterday. I can’t remember if it was a day like I had experienced before, but this particular day was pivotal. We were having a barbeque to celebrate our daughters 2nd birthday. We were expecting about 20 adults and about 15 kids aged 2 to 4 years. The weather was perfect for a July day and we were so organized and ready for this day. I remember thinking ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ I got myself and my 3 ½ year old son, dressed then went to dress my daughter. I had chosen a loose fitting, sleeveless flower print dress for her as it would be easy for bathroom visits. Food prepared, drinks in the cooler and we were ready.

Our first guests arrived and of course they had their kids with them so I’m thinking great, friends for my kids to play with. Immediately my daughter started crying. I had no idea why, she just started crying and crying…….non -stop! I asked her what was wrong, got no answer. I brought her inside with me to get some of the food and she immediately stopped crying. Every time someone else arrived the tears started again and stopped like a kitchen faucet every time I brought her inside with me. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. I checked her for cuts, scrapes, bee stings, splinters, anything that may explain her crying…..nothing! I picked her up when I was outside but that didn’t help, she continued crying. The only time she stopped was whenever I brought her inside. This to me was so strange!
I have to tell you it was an exhausting day dealing with her and entertaining all those people, most of the time having her stuck on my hip. I was totally at a loss for what was wrong or what to do.

After dinner we took photos of the kids all sitting in a line eating popsicles. There sat my daughter at the end of the line, not squirming or protesting, just crying! I went up to her and asked for the hundredth time, “sweetie what is wrong with you, please tell me?” Although she was well able to answer me in full sentences, I got nothing.

Finally around 7pm as the party was winding down, I went inside to make a pot of coffee. I brought her inside with me and there were other people in the house so and she didn’t stop crying this time. Once she and I were alone again, I knew that my patience was maxed. I sat her on the kitchen counter, looked her right in the eye and asked “what the heck is wrong with you?” I got no answer. I asked again in a louder voice, “what the heck……maybe I said hell at this point…..is wrong with you? Why have you cried all day, please help me out here!” Through snot, tears and puffed up eyes she looks at me and says “I didn’t want to wear this dress, I hate dresses!” I literally didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. I had no idea that at 2 years old she would be that sad about wearing a dress.

Of course I laugh about it now of course, but I had never been controlling mother who insisted on the clothes which my kids wore. Usually I gave them a choice and there had never been an issue. After this day I never wanted to see that darn dress again! From that day forward the kids always had two or three outfits to choose from. I wasn’t making that mistake ever again.

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