Willing to know about NYC LL84? Then follow the details of this article and educate yourself about the LL84.

The NYC Local Law 84 is a special type of audit where you can find the energy and water benchmark information of NYC buildings. According to the NYC LL84, the NYC buildings those are developed over 50,000Sq.Ft. has to submit the annual energy benchmark report directly to the NYC Finance Department on or before 1st of May every year.

The NYC Local Law 84 also includes those properties which are developed over 100,000 Sq.Ft. by including two or more buildings. The most experienced prepare of NYC benchmark report is the bright power. In New York City, the property owners could accomplish the significant diminutions in greenhouse gas emissions and energy by making the inexpensive improvements to the most energy intensive buildings.

The NYC Local Law 84 bench-marking and its number of benefits:

Bench-marking often gives a gauge of a building’s energy performance, establishing a metric for the comparative energy efficiency of buildings. This metrics are similar to the miles per gallon rating for the fuel efficiency of automobiles.

The NYC LL84 is a part of the greater and greener building plan which gives authorization to the building owners to report their property’s annual energy usage to the city’s Finance department. The law is applicable to the only buildings those are:

• Above 50,000 gross Sq.Ft.
• A group of two or more buildings those are on the same taxation lot and are total more than 100,000 Sq.Ft.
• A group of two or more condo NYC buildings those are entirely governed by the same board and combine to exceed 100,000 gross Sq.Ft.

Benefits That You Can Find From This Energy Bench-marking Scheme:
• Calculation of site energy usage intensity is easy
• You can know about the source for Energy Use Intensity
• Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions per square feet
• Data regarding water usage of the building per square feet
Achievement of energy star score is easy and hassle-free
Do They Need To Submit The Water Usage Data Including The Energy Bench-marking Report?

Only the buildings those are with Automatic Meter Readers installed will be required to benchmark their consumption of water. Ensure that the covered list of buildings to verify that your NYC building requirements has to be submitted or not.

What You Require For The Bench-marking?

• Collective pertinent data for energy consumption from vendors
• Set up of an account for EPA via reaching the portfolio manager through their websites
• Feeding the space use characteristics of the NYC buildings into the website
• Extrapolate energy missing data
• Putting the energy and water consumption data into the website
• Creating an energy usage report
• And finally, submit the report electronically to the NYC finance department

The development of NYC energy benchmark report involved the processes in which NYC buildings have the outsourcing option to a consultant. Without seeking the help of an authentic consultant, it will be difficult to prepare the report. So, take help from consultation and submit the bench-marking report before time to avoid penalties.

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