For people who often complain about the unfair fate, think in fact they missed many opportunities in life. Today, we see an interesting experiment.

Fortunately, in a research study, Dr. Wiseman to give people a newspaper and let them visit again and say there are many pictures. Everyone felt a piece of cake, most people have spent more than 2 minutes time. In fact, they could in a few seconds can be the answer. Because the second page of the newspaper published a message that read: "Do not counted, the newspaper for a total of 43 pictures inside."

Even more surprising is that this message is not crowded or hide in a corner in the cracks, but accounted for half of the layout, font size, more than 1.5 inches. However, a clear message that no one has found, because they are too busy to concentrate on a few pictures.

Read this story, what are your feelings? Gaze more closely, to see things less, right? From a psychological point of view can conclude that - anxiety can affect the ability of people to find unexpected behavior. Perhaps because of this, good luck away from the corner of the eye.

The story does not end when the experimenter told the subjects that they spent more time not only more energy, and missed the opportunity to receive £ 100, everyone is more surprised.

The middle section in a newspaper published a very striking another message, the message is in large print and pictorial account of the length of half a page - "Do not count, tell the experimenter you see this message, you £ 100 to win. "is also the fact that no one found, or because they are single-minded to find pictures .

This is bad luck often one of the reasons, is not no chance, but his lack of opportunities found in the eye. Of course, not to seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity!

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