Four days into 2012. Welcome to episode 2 of the "what they don't teach you in job seeker school" sequel.

Today's focus: 10 mistakes you just don't want to make when you focus on how to get a job, more specifically, during your job interview. You'll find them basic perhaps but many are so easily forgotten and so crucial not to forget. All are prioritized in order of importance, #1 being most:

Blunder #1: You're late. Don't be. Come 15 min before the interview, tell the receptionist or whoever is the person that greets you when you enter, that you are early for a meeting but hope you can wait in the reception (or the like) area. 5 min's before, you announce your arrival.

Blunder #2: Your hand-phone. It must be in one mode only and that is OFF. I really don't need to justify why this is essential. It's simply rude to leave it on during an interview and even more so to answer a call. I once had that happen when I interview a woman. She took a personal call and spoke for about 10 minutes. She did apologies but did I hire her? I don't think so. It's simply disrespectful.

Blunder #3: They say that inner beauty is superior to outer. True enough but first impression counts and the crucial first 20 seconds of any first meeting lays the foundation of a first impression. So, make sure that appear hygienic. That would include having showered, a fresh hair cut (or styling etc. as long as your hair is fixed), clean hands and nails; appropriate clothing (I'll have a full blog about "what to wear" for the interview soon) etc. etc. Just make sure that you appear spotless. Double check the mirror while you wait in the reception anyways.

Blunder #4: Unprepared. You have no idea of the company, what they do, what the functional job is about etc. You have prepared no questions to ask and you have not guestimated what questions you will be asked to answer. If that's the case my best advice would be to just not show up for the interview and if there is a bit of decency left in the process, call ahead to cancel.

Blunder #5: No paper and pen. Bring along a notepad and a pen to jot down details, comments, questions that may come up during the talks. On the same you are very welcome to jot down, in advance, the questions you'd like to ask.

Blunder #6: Body language. Again, I'll have a future blog on the importance of body language but here, most importantly, pay attention and listen attentively. You must display that you care, not that you couldn't care less. Make sure you pick up important details like the title of the job you are being interviewed for, the name(s) of the interviewer(s) and so on.

Blunder #7: Don't ask about benefits. This is immaterial in a first interview, even in a second. The salary, perks etc. will come onto the table, and the hirer will offer these. You should not ask for it. You don't want to leave the impression that you are just in it for the money etc.

Blunder #8: Be sensitive to time. The interviewer will clearly say or display with his/her body language that the interview is nearing its end. Respect that. Don't drag on and on with endless questions. If you are asked "do you have any final questions?", do ask one (or say no if you have asked plenty already but don't drag the talk another 15-20 minutes. Overdoing it weigh against you.

Blunder #9: Be in a good and natural mood. Smile, show interest and enthusiasm. Simply be positive in your body language and your speech. If you ooze positive energy it will rub off on everyone around you.

Blunder #10: Don't belittle anyone. Right from the lowest ranking employee to the most senior manager. Whoever comes your way when you are "at the interview" make sure you greet everyone with respect and courtesy. This includes saying thank you for being served a bottle of water and thank you when someone keeps the door open for you etc. etc. etc.

Have a frightfully great day

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