You will find the search for residential treatment centers overwhelming. A right treatment center offers recovery to the individual that is suffering from anxiety, anger, stress, and depression. The right treatment is delivered to the individual as per the situation. It is quite confusing to check for all features before going to the residential treatment center. But by considering some of the points, you can get a better rehab center for your teen's quick recovery.

  • Credentials of Staff
  • The trained staff should deliver the program. It helps in understanding the teen with complete understanding. Exercise and skills of the team result in the better recovery of the individual. All standards should be followed by the staff. The staff should deliver high-quality care and support to the needy individual. Trouble teens feel more connected to such therapists that have previous experience of handling the individual like them.

  • Tailored Treatment Plans
  • The plans that are offered by the residential treatment center should be customized depending upon the condition of the troubled teen. One approach is not suitable for everyone. Right, and tailored plan helps in the fast recovery of the teen that is facing social and mental problems. Depending upon the age, gender, culture, and situation currently affecting the teen, the programs should be designed.

  • Serene Locale
  • The teens feel happy and stress free at beautiful and calm places. They feel connected to the environment and stop using drugs and other addictions. Teens can focus on the recovery without unneeded strain and distractions. Cushy rooms and luxurious facilities offer the right environment to the troubled teens. The rehab centers' programs are designed by keeping in mind the troubled teen's condition and situation.

  • Aftercare Planning
  • The rehab center should give guidance about the aftercare so that the teens can enjoy their improved life after the residential treatment center too. A complete discharge planner should be provided with the teens at the end of the program so that they can follow all necessary instruction outside the residential program. The guidance will provide them the right care and support to live outside the rehab center.

  • Quality Medical Care Onsite
  • The medical staff should be available in the rehab center to deal with the teens' mental and physical health. The emergency situation should get solved by the expert medical staff. If there is medical staff and nurses on-site, they can handle the troubled teens' medical condition.

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    Solstice East is a professional residential treatment center caring for young females ages 14-17. Our 25-acre campus, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville, NC, provides on-site equine therapy, an accredited academic program, plus world-class healing programming to treat a wide range of trauma and disorders.