If you are reading this article, you may be struggling with your weight. I too have struggled with my weight for many years. It was not until I began to change my thoughts did the weight begin to melt off and my self-esteem increase. The struggles that come with having an unhealthy relationship with food can take a toll on our thoughts. As we continue to emotionally eat while we are attempting to diet, we begin to develop a set of negative thought patterns.

These negative thought patterns are often the reason that you continue to emotionally eat. You may begin to believe that you are no good or that you have an inability to lose weight. When you begin to change your thoughts, it can lead to a better sense of self-worth and the ability to begin developing a healthy relationship with food.

You did not develop these negative thoughts overnight. They come from years of pain and struggles with your weight and appearance. These thoughts have become a natural part of you. I understand that it is hard to give up these beliefs that have been with you for so long. In a way, they have become your security. By this, I mean that you have used these beliefs to shield yourself from pain. You may say that you do not think you will find love because you are overweight. This thought has kept you safe from getting hurt by a romantic partner. It is understandable that challenging these beliefs may be a bit scary for you. I can make one assurance to you - it will be difficult, but it is worth it.

Now you may be thinking that even if you start changing your negatives self-talk into positive statements, that does not mean you will be able to believe them. This is a true statement. You do not have to believe them at first. In fact, I can assure you that you will probably not believe them at first. This is where practice comes in. Each time you begin to entertain the negative thoughts, remind yourself of the alternative positive thoughts. Other ways to hep keep yourself in a positive frame of mind is posting sticky notes with your positive affirmations up throughout your house. You may be like many of us and have multiple negative thoughts. You do not have to change each one right away, work only on as many as you can comfortably.

The great thing about changing your thoughts is the wonderful feeling you begin to feel about yourself. Through practice, these positive thoughts will easily assimilate into your life. Do not beat yourself up if you do have moments where you entertain negative thoughts. This happens to many people. Keep working towards positive thoughts and they will become second nature.

So I ask you today to consider what thoughts have been holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals. Challenge those beliefs and begin to learn a new way of thinking. Good luck in achieving your goals.

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