Many leading recruiter frequently asks “What motivates you?” to the interviewees during the interview process. It is probably the toughest question to answer for any interviewee. The best recruiter commonly ask this HR interview question to check whether the candidate

Is he/she self-aware?
How driven is he/she is to work?
Hence, let’s have a look on a list of sample answers for different situations suggested by the best employment agency for different which can aid you to answer the question ‘what motivates you?’ in the best way possible!

Sample Answer 1

My role model is my father. He is extremely motivated human being and a champion in life, not only in his professional life but also in his personal life. Recently, at the age of 55, he started learning musical keyboard. People mostly believe honing a skill at a later age is impossible, but my father proved everyone wrong. He is a dedicated and devoted learner and a committed musician. Every day he enjoys himself to the fullest by practicing for 2 hours. Therefore, having such an example at home gives lots of inspiration and motivation is constantly. I make every effort to have the same passion for work as him and this keeps me going!

Sample Answer #2

I always like to challenge myself regularly. It helps me to refine my skills every time and it also never lets me stop learning. Whenever I stuck in any hard situation, I try to search and make a list of all the possible positive ways to come out from that situation. For example, once I was asked to prepare a market report for a client on their current strategy. The timelines were harsh as I was asked to present it the next day itself. It was nearly impossible to finish this project within the remaining work hours. Even though the report was adding much pressure, but I prepared myself to work on that project at any cost, then I started making a list of the positive outcomes of working on this project. Hence, I got so many ways to complete my work; finally, I stayed extra time and finished my work. Then the next morning, I reached early to my workplace to review my presentation to my supervisor. After getting the feedback from my supervisor, I was all set to present the report to my client at the scheduled time. I was really hectic but the excitement of positive outcomes achievement was more than enough to stay charged up.

Sample Answer #3

Staying organized and goal-oriented is my strongest strengths. I get happiness by setting daily, weekly, monthly and long-term goals. And, whenever I achieve any of these goals, I treat or gift myself. I use a traditional planner method to make a note of my goals, progress, and achievements. As per me, time to time reminders of one’s journey gives utmost motivation. On a certain day when I need motivation or inspiration, I have my trusted planner, which will remind me whatever successes I have achieved through hard work till now and I can also choose to stay on the path of progress.

Sample Answer #4

The strong emotion of regression encourages me to never leave any stone unturned. I don’t want to imagine my life might have been better if I had done something differently. So, I try to give 100% to every task whatever I undertake. At my earlier company, I was asked to set up a new branch of our company which would need me to shuttle between two cities frequently. I already knew that it would be a stressful situation, both professionally and personally. Though, I accepted that offer and took it as a challenge. I was scared of losing out on a large number of learning opportunities, for instance, setting up a new space and mentoring a team. That experience was incredible and that has encouraged me to stay motivated every day to push the limits.

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