Garage door openers were first introduced in 1920s as useful equipment for our garage door to provide security to our garages. Then, in 1950 they were mass produced and this made them more popular and today, most homes have a garage door opener. Garage door openers can be found in various designs, styles and sizes. They range from simple to stylish designs while the prices also vary depending on brand.

Years ago, when a car owner opens garage to park his unit a loud noise is produced in the process and they even called “no sleeping zone” because of the unbearable noise a garage door opener produces when opening. But then, today, a lot of garage door openers being sold are already noise-free and can provide buyers with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that no noise will be produced when opening.

For those who are interested to buy a garage door opener but are still undecided on what to choose especially on what questions to ask to a seller of door openers, then here are some of the important questions that you should ask.

Can you install it by yourself or do you need a professional installer for the job? Well of course, a professional installer can do it properly than you but if you are tight on budget, then you can try to study the manual guide and follow instructions. Ask the salesperson if the model can be installed by an average person like you or if you need assistance by a professional.

Today, many garage door openers are DIY or Do It Yourself. You can find a manual for the model you bought and the instructions are easy to comprehend thus making installation easier for you. So, decide on whether you want to install it yourself or you would rather pay and hire an installer to ensure that it is properly installed.

Now, ask the salesperson about the difference of a DIY garage opener and a professional garage opener. Experts can distinguish a professional from that of DIY but if you’re new to this, then you should gather info first before buying. Professional garage door openers are durable and produce less to no noise at all thus providing you peace of mind.

The only problem you might get from buying a professional garage door opener is transporting it. Professional models often have a single rail that can only fit in a van with a big container unlike DIYs that you can just place inside the compartment of your car.

Additional security and safety features are also available in professional versions as compared to DIYs which have basic features only.

Lastly, know what kind of tools you will need for the installation of the garage door opener you want to buy. Generally, you won’t need any special tool for DIY units but for professional models, you will need a hammer, adjustable wrench, stepladder, tape measure and hacksaw. If you have these tools or you can buy them, then much better.

With the right knowledge in choosing and buying a garage door opener, you can surely find the right one that suits your needs.

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