Deciding on a photographer to assist you in capturing your baby’s first precious days is quite a task. Here are a few questions to ask your potential newborn photographer before you decide to hire him.

Does He Have A Studio Or Will He Travel To Your Home?

Knowing if your photographer would be able to come and carry out the shoot in the comfort of your home or whether you would have to go to his or her studio, is important as you will have to decide on which would be the most convenient for you at that stage. If he or she is able to arrange the photoshoot at your residence it would be important to know what the photographer would require. Clearing an area and getting it ready for backdrops and props would be part of the requirement.

Does He Have An Assistant?

It is important to know if your photographer has an assistant that would be assisting him or her during the shoot. You could also inquire at this point if either the photographer or the assistant has any training in handling newborns or prior experience in newborn photography.

What Is the cost Inclusive Of?

The cost of the shoot doesn’t have to be the deciding point but it is a significant factor to consider. Some photographers offer an all-inclusive package based on the number of hours. Others include only the cost of taking pictures of the infant. Additional costs are added on, per person, if a parent or a sibling is to be added into the picture.

Decide which is the most cost-effective and sensible to you, based on your requirements. You will also need to know whether he or she is flexible in terms of time. For instance, if your baby gets fussy mid-shoot, would they give you some time to get the baby formula? Will you be able to feed and clean up your little one or will they be watching the clock and end the shoot as soon as their time is up? You would love to capture such special memories but it has to be a reasonable package.

Is He Or She Flexible?

Since newborn photography is a rising trend among parents, there are many options and poses to choose from. Is your potential photographer, comfortable taking requests of how you would like it done, from you?

As parents of a newborn, who are taking a step to spend an extra amount just to be able to cherish the memory of introducing their newborn into the world, you would need the freedom to let your photographer know your

If your photographer prefers to rely on his experience rather than to take your ideas or expectations into consideration, it would be very difficult to be content with the photographs no matter how good they look.

These tips will certainly assist you when deciding on which photographer would suit your requirements and budget best, and it would make it the first of many special moments you would enjoy as a family.

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