Cremation gives a person the opportunity to express their individuality by planning a special ceremony such as a memorial or scattering of ashes in a special place.

There are a lot of benefits to cremation, but there are a lot of considerations you will need to make.

Why choose cremation

One main reason for choosing cremation is simplicity. It is both less complicated and more practical than traditional burials. Also, it allows flexibility in arrangements for gatherings to mourn or celebrate the lives of those who have passed away.

Another reason for choosing cremation is finances. Cremation is much more economical than a traditional funeral and burial. Also, many recently religious restrictions have been lifted with some religions, allowing cremation as an option for more people. Even the Catholic Church lifted its ban on cremation in 1963.

Cremation is also gentler on the environment. The “green” benefits include a lack of chemicals used for embalming and no continued maintenance of a burial plot at a cemetery.


There are significant advantages to making cremation arrangements in advance. The considerations are financial, personal, and family-related. Pre-arranging plans for cremation alleviates the immense stress that final arrangements place on your partner or loved ones. They will not have to make important yet confusing decisions during a very difficult time.

Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to control what you want. Many deaths occur without warning, making pre-planning practical and smart. You have control over how certain decisions are made now, and you are not leaving them to chance during a more stressful time.

You will pay much less by planning in advance, often for the same plan, than you would get if you waited until the day you are forced to purchase a cremation service.

Choosing a provider

Choosing the right provider is the key to a smooth and easy cremation process. To find a reputable and qualified provider, seek referrals from friends and family or others who have had experience with cremation. Personal recommendations are always a good idea.

Also, research various funeral homes or mortuaries and the cremation plans they have available. Talking with a potential service provider will give you a sense of whether the facility and staff are correct for you and your family’s needs and values. A reputable company such as Heritage Cremation Provider can compassionately help you pre-plan your cremation.


Prepayment relieves your loved ones of the burden that comes with facing financial decisions during a very difficult time. However, with prepayment, two things should be considered.

First, develop as clear a picture as you can of your present and future financial situations. This will help you choose what plans and services are best for you. Second, determine if you want to pay installment payments or in one lump sum. Paying in a lump sum usually saves you money, but most service providers do offer installment plans with reasonable payments.

Many providers also offer additional coverage if you travel or move. These plans cover the transport of the deceased to a licensed facility without the additional out-of-pocket expenses. Costs are based on either a package price or on a per-service price.

The service provider will be able to guide you through choosing the right package for your particular situation. Since cremation costs are steadily increasing, paying for it upfront can save you a lot of money as it locks in the price.

What if you move?

Since most likely considerable time will transpire between the time you purchase the plan and the actual need for the service, it is important to make certain that the plan be “portable,” or transferable to an agreeable service provider if you decide to change plans if you move to another city.

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