There are varieties of janitorial service issues and one of the main competencies of such service provider is, it must ensure that the premises be cleaned, are hygienic and safe too. There are several outbreaks that have undermined the health related issues among the American citizens. To name a few diseases, the list includes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), influenza and other dangerous viruses. Airports, medical centersand government offices have come under fierce criticism to have failed to provide adequate health and hygienicservices to the common man. If these kind of national institutions wantto protect their premises and want to address the hygienic issues at their buildings, it is necessary to induct professional janitorial services. The janitorial service provider must ensure the cleanliness of complete building with special emphasis on the hygiene problem. More than 90% of the diseases are caused by the unhygienicconditions that prevail inthese buildings.

Whenever the services of anyjanitorial professionals are required, it must be ensured that they are competent enough to face the daunting task. Also the firm should be professional and have a stable reputation that uses best tools and procedures to combat these and other commonplace challenges. The procedures and the system that is put in place must be strictly followed and implemented. They must be adhered to on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These time periods of cleansing a place, depends upon the personnel and the usage by the visitors. However it must be ensured that the facility must be sanitized at least on monthly basis. Places that need to have daily maintenance include rest rooms, lobbies and other high traffic areas. A thorough review of the existing and also the new work plan must be done. It is necessary to avoid any issues after the service has started and all the plans and the procedures implemented. It is essential to introduce weekly or periodic inspection of all the concerned areas in order to ensure that agreedupon frequency is performed.

One of the most critical factors is also the daily communication for assurance and quality control in providing janitorial services. Before selecting a particular janitorial service provider, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the capabilities of the service provider. It is essential that some kind of training be imparted to the concerned staff for carrying out their duties in most effective manner.A brief history of the company should also be taken into consideration to check the record relevant to the employees. Such as we need to study the employee turnover? What are the turnover contingencies? Do they provide necessary training to all their employees? Does the company know the system and the procedures required for implementing team cleaning processes? Do they know how the work loadcan be properly handled and if it increases beyond certain thresholdhow they are going to address it? Do they have proper training to cope with stress? Do they qualify for implementing and executing all the relevant procedures and system? How much is the satisfaction level of previous customers?

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