Graduating from nursing school is just the beginning of the journey. To become a fully-fledged nurse, you must work on a few things. For starters, you must apply for a license. If you graduated in the US, you should apply for the NCLEX certification. If you’re from the UK, you need to get accreditation from the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Apart from working on your license, there are other things you must prepare.

Finding possible employment

You can check classified ads for vacancies or enlist the help of a staffing agency such as It’s highly recommended to start sending in your application even before you get your license, especially for non-urgent vacancies. It can take months to process application papers, so sending in your papers early can help you score an interview while waiting for your certification.

Prepping for interviews

Making sure that you answer interview questions accurately and confidently is key to landing your target job. Interviews help assess your background and knowledge. It’s crucial to review some of your previous nursing lessons. Some employers tend to ask questions related to patient care. Others ask about crisis management and patient education. Try to review as many lessons as you can a few weeks before your scheduled interview.

Enroll in a review course

To increase your likelihood of passing the certification examination, you should consider enrolling in a review course. There are plenty of companies that provide review courses. Some are online-based while others involve attending class lectures a couple of hours a day. No matter what option you select, see to it that you attend the classes and learn as many lessons as you can.

Commit to a solid study schedule

Aside from attending review lectures, you should also dedicate at least a few hours each day to review on your own. You can create a study plan to help you manage your free hours and enjoy balancing your review and other activities. As much as possible, try doing different things every day.

For example, you should brush up on your lab lessons on one day, then practice answering queries about palliative patient care. Focusing on one activity each day can greatly increase your efficiency in absorbing lessons.

Strive to learn and grow professionally

After you acquire your license, get your dream job and start building your nursing career, you should consider finding more ways to improve your craft. There are a ton of ways you can become a better nurse, such as enrolling in specialization courses. You can also attend conferences and seminars for nurses and other medical professionals. Try connecting with as many professionals in your field as possible and learn from them by asking questions.


Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate! Graduating with a nursing degree is such a great achievement. Savor the moment with your loved ones and fellow graduates. You shouldn’t feel too overwhelmed by what happens after you complete your degree. Plan your next move carefully and aim to become an excellent nurse in your city.

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