According the law, any person who gets involved in an accident is required to stop in a safe pace so that they can provide first aid and information as my be required. When a person leaves the accident scene, this is normally referred to as hit and run; this is a serious criminal offense in many states. Whether or not you were at fault, you can be accused of hit and run. The same applies to drivers who cause damage to property because they are required by law to leave a note bearing their name and address. They are also required to report immediately to the police department or else they will be charged with hit and run.

Depending on how the accident took occurred, hit and run can be either a felony or misdemeanor. If a person is killed on injured during the hit and run accident this becomes a felony but when the hit and run accident results in the damage of property it becomes a misdemeanor. When a person is charged with hit and run, the police are supposed to investigate and contact the suspected driver; they could ask the driver to bring the vehicle along so they can record a statement. If you get yourself in these circumstances, you need to consult a criminal defense lawyer before you answer any questions or even contact the police.

Some of the factors that will be used in passing a ruling regarding a hit and run accident will include the nature of the accident, how much damage was caused during the said accident, your cooperation with the police during the investigations and whether or not you have any related convictions. Some of the consequences of hit and run charges will range from imprisonment, parole or probation, significant fines or loss of driving privileges.

What if you are the victim of a hit and run accident, can you claim compensation? The answer is yes; this is where there is a difference between civil and criminal law. The police will and the district attorney’s office will look for any reasonable effort so the defendant can pay a fine that will go into the state’s coffers. If on the other hand you are a victim and you want to get compensated, you will be required to go to a civil court and sue the defendant for negligence. The defendant will have been found guilty and in such a case proving their negligence will not be such a big deal; compensation for a victim in this case will not be too difficult. Conviction in hit and run accidents is a serious offense and it carries very serious penalties; it is important for you to hire a competent criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in doing hit and run cases for your defense.

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