There can be many times where a man might think that he is attractive to women in many ways. However, there are also times where a man's efforts can fail substantially. If you've ever asked "what should I do if girls just don't like me" then you need to take a look at a few important points. These mostly relate to how you are handling yourself and how you are projecting yourself to other women that you might be interested in.

First, you might want to try and find women in places that are a little closer to where you are. It is easier to find women who will like you if you search for them in places where you might find others just like you. For example, it's better for a sports fan to find women in a sports bar than it is to go anywhere else. You need to see that the women you want are ones that actually enjoy what you like to do just as well.

Second, you should take a look at your passions for what you like. Women like men who are actually passionate about what they are interested in. A good instance of this would involve art. You might be more attractive to a woman if you can exhibit more than just an interest in art. You have to show a strong connection or sense of emotion to it. This should work well regardless of the specific thing that you have such a deep-rooted passion for.

Another consideration is to exhibit some confidence in whom you are. You should be confident because it suggests to women that you are comfortable with yourself. Men who aren't confident are often seen as being too nervous. This will end up turning any woman off from being interested in a man.

You've also got to present yourself the right way. The "girls just don't like me" argument is often answered by a man's inability to keep himself from looking professional. You have to make yourself look somewhat presentable if you are actually going to be of interest to a woman. This means that you should be taking good care of your body.

In fact, a man who does a good job with handling his body can be interpreted as one who might be more responsible towards himself or more likely to be in control of his own life. It's a big part of an image that has to be portrayed the right way if it is going to work out right.

You should be using these ideas if you want to get women to actually like you. It will be easier for you to be of use to women if you show that you have some form of interest in taking care of yourself and that you show that you are passionate about what you like. It also helps to think about women who are relatively closer to where you are or whatever it is you like. It should all help you out to keep your chances with women strong.

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