Agriculture supports over 20 percent of all jobs in the Fresno, California area, according to the Fresno County Farm Bureau. The Bureau says that agricultural land covers almost half of Fresno County’s 3.84 million acres of land, and that Fresno County farmers raise over 350 crops, injecting $5.6 billion into the California economy. Farming accidents are inevitable in a region which depends so heavily upon agriculture. The following is a list of tips for anyone involved in a farming accident in Fresno:

• Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Call 911 and ask the person on the phone to send help immediately if anyone requires emergency medical attention. You should seek the services of a doctor as soon as possible after leaving the accident scene if emergency medical attention is not required. Seeking immediate medical attention will ensure that the injuries get treated before they get worse, and it will ensure that your injuries are documented in a timely manner. Failure to seek immediate medical attention could cause insurance companies to question whether the farming accident actually caused your injuries, so having your injuries documented in a timely manner is absolutely critical. Follow your doctor’s orders exactly, as insurance companies can hold it against you if you don’t, possibly leading to lower or zero payouts.

• Collect Accident Scene Evidence

Collect as much evidence from the accident scene as possible if you do not require emergency medical attention. Photograph anything involved in the accident, from both close up and far away, in order to provide close-up details as well as far away shots which provide important, relevant context. Contact and thoroughly question any witnesses at the scene, obtaining their contact information in the process. Do not, however, discuss the accident with them beyond questioning them. Simply ask questions. That’s all. Anything you say to the witnesses at this point can be used against you by insurance companies and/or lawyers.

• Do Not Communicate With The Insurance Company Representing Who Is At Fault

The insurance company representing whoever is at fault for the accident will likely contact you shortly after the accident. This is a trap. The insurance company does not want to help you out. The insurance company wants you to say something to them that they can hold against you so they don’t have to pay you as much money, or any money at all. Insurance adjusters are trained to ask you confusing and/or misleading questions in order to get you to say things they can use against you. Don’t fall for their trap. It’s best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer so they can communicate for you with the insurance company who is representing whoever is at fault for your injuries.

• Get A Hold Of An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

California injury victims have two years to file a lawsuit against those responsible for their injuries. This two year limit is known as a statute of limitations. Two years can pass by much more quickly than most people think. It’s best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to make sure that the statute of limitations doesn’t negatively affect your ability to be compensated for your injuries. It is much easier for a personal injury lawyer to collect evidence for your case if you contact the lawyer right away, immediately after the accident. For one, witnesses are likely to remember critical details of the accident if your lawyer contacts them very soon after the accident.

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Jeffrey Nadrich, Esq. is the founder and managing partner of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP, a California personal injury law firm with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Modesto and Tracy. His firm has recovered over $350,000,000 for its clients since it was founded in 1990. He has successfully represented farm accident victims and the Fresno community for decades.