Deciding to undergo weight-loss surgery is a major lifestyle change. It can be frightening and exciting to think about doing all the things you had difficulty doing before. You have plenty of medical decisions to discuss and consider before and after. However, the most important moment for you might be marking your new-life awards on the calendar. Being able to physically do things with ease is a goal you may have been planning, such as hang gliding with friends or easily walking a 5K. With your newfound confidence, you can dive into a celebration of your healthy self. Here are places to visit to celebrate your new body in Maui, Hawaii.

Different types of weight-loss surgery

There are a few options you and your doctor can discuss when looking into weight loss surgery options. One of the most common procedures is the gastric bypass, in which a small pouch is created in the stomach. This is the amount of food you can safely and comfortably eat. The small intestines are also cut and rerouted to the pouch so you can absorb fewer calories, letting you get fuller on smaller portions of food. Gastric banding is done laparoscopically, where a small band is placed in the upper part of the stomach. This allows a only certain amount of food to be consumed. The band, unlike other surgeries, can be adjustable and removable. Another popular weight loss option is gastric sleeve surgery. A portion of the stomach is surgically removed. The remaining tubular-shaped part can’t hold as much as it once did, allowing you to feel fuller faster. Whichever option you choose, you should follow the doctor’s orders on dietary restrictions such as avoiding greasy fast foods.

What to do in Maui

The more BMI your body has, the more strain on your joints and organs. Once you begin to lose weight after surgery, opportunities you may have missed out on are now available to you. Water sports and activities are always safer on your body if you want to begin slowly. One water-friendly things to do in Maui is snorkel the big, blue Pacific. The sea life is incredibly diverse, and you won’t be disappointed sharing the reef with reef sharks, sea turtles, pufferfish, and angelfish. Coral is home to millions of species of sea animals and a vital part of the ecosystem.

Hiking and walking is a great way to see the sights while giving you a full-body workout. While you strengthen your core, legs, and back, you can visit the lush tropics and waterfalls of the island. You can experience the Seven Sacred Pools in Haleakala National Park. Found in the Oheo Gulch, the connecting pools spill off into a waterfall in Kipahulu. You can experience the diverse thriving plants and animals here that are disappearing elsewhere in Hawaii. Invasive species can disrupt local and native flora and fauna, but here you can see them in all their glory. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture the rainforests and cool summits you’ll discover on your trip.

A luau

The luau can be traced back centuries in Hawaiian culture. This feast, once enjoyed by men and women separately, is now part of the experience when you’re in Maui. You can enjoy your traditional fare such as roasted pig, poi, rice, and coconuts while dancers entertain you with the hula and other island dances. More than just a dance, the hula performers use their bodies to tell a story that is rich with tales of gods and goddess once worshipped long ago. Today you can join in the fun while awaiting your meal at one of many luaus that take place in Hawaii. This is a great workout for your whole body because it uses your core, hips, and arms to dance the night away.

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