You just broke up with your boyfriend. You are sad that things didn't work out the way you had planned. You love him dearly and miss him every day. After wrapping up your relationship, when you sat down to think of what went wrong, you realized that the reason for the break-up was very trivial. How you wish you could have set things right. But the anger and ego prevailed to ruin everything. If only it was possible to get him back!

So, is there any chance to make your ex-boyfriend want you back? Yes, of course. However, there are some tips to follow, and I've listed a few of them below.

8 Tips on How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Want You Back

1. Take the break-up positively. When both of you were together, you must have complained several times, especially during fights, about how you wanted some space to breathe in the relationship. Believe that this is the much-needed break that you wanted and use it constructively to think of ways in which you can build a stronger relationship with your ex.

2. The next thing you should do is stay away and out of sight for a while. This includes no visiting, no phone calls and no text messages. This will serve two purposes. First, if you held a very important position in his life and built a routine together, he will feel your absence at all times. He will miss you and may want to come back to you on his own. Second, it will also give you a chance to understand how he copes without you. Does he move on quickly or is he still considering his relationship with you? Give him and yourself some time to think about whether getting back together will be a good option.

3. You may not believe it but men or boys prefer independent, confident women and not the desperate type. Your words and actions should project one thing - that you have accepted the decision and decided to move on. Your boyfriend will become curious about how you managed to get over it and may, over a period of time, try to contact you.

4. There was a time when all you did was follow the plans he chalked out. He asked you for dinner, you went; he booked the tickets at the cinema, you did not refuse. You even went clothes shopping with him and asked for his valuable opinion. Most of what you did was centered on your boyfriend. Now that you have parted ways, indulge in yourself. Go out with friends. Try a new haircut. Shop for new clothes. Dress attractively and make him feel jealous. Hit the gym and get back into shape.

5. He may suggest staying friends. You can accept, but don't show that you are too eager. Dinner parties and tea or coffee meetings will soon follow. But avoid conveying that you are available at all times. Decline an invitation once in a while to show that you are busy and have a life of your own.

6. Never put your self-respect at stake. Don't plead to your boyfriend and beg him to get back together. It shows how desperate you are and will lower your position before him.

7. The blame game is best avoided if you're serious in making him want you back. If you realized that it was your mistake, apologize and wait to see what he has to say. If it was his mistake, let him accept it on his own. Don't blame him. He will feel insulted and get agitated.

8. Don't keep apologizing as it may turn him off and make him feel as though you are indirectly blaming him.

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