A client can decide coaching is not for them based on any number of factors, very few of which have to do with you. Most often they did not realize the commitment level required in changing their lives.

You will need to be very clear with yourself on two issues:
1. You are not at fault for this change of heart. You are a wonderful person and a brilliant coach! Life change requires a strong level of commitment, and some people are just not able to bring that forth into their lives at this time.

2. This is a business that God has put you in charge of and the client has free will and can drop anytime, but the money they committed to is still required. Letting them know this often motivates them to give the process a second thought. (Remember that money is a huge motivator for people to complete something they committed to. People loathe the thought of wasting money.) Collecting money your client committed to is not about you being selfish, this is about being a responsible business manager and owner.

If they try ignoring your e-mails, just follow your policies. (If you do not have any, now would be a wonderful time to create some.) For example, send two e-mails or make two phone calls asking if everything is okay and letting them know the state of their account. Then, if there has been no response, send one letter announcing late fees you have decided upon and included in your policies and advising that at 62 days of non-payment that the account will be transferred to collections. It is best to let them know of these policies when they sign up with you. You can include them on your policies and procedures page in the client welcome package.

I recommend that you hire a collections company to then collect the money for you, they charge 30% of anything collected. If nothing is collected, nothing is paid to them.

If your client has hit a bad patch in their life (common when a client begins making changes and striving for a better way of life as some room needs to be made for the good to start flowing in. Lose a car to gain a better car for example.) you may decide to lower the payment amount temporarily or suspend payments for two months. If the money is owing, unless God lets you know differently, let them work out their financial issues with God. You just run the business.

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