Feeling hopeless is common when you’re depressed. People experience such feelings now and then but some find it easier than others to look at the bright side. The feeling of hopelessness with depression puts your mood and state of mind in a dark place. It can be challenging to see past the darkness and believe things will get better. Sometimes you’re not up for all the inspirational motivation pick-me-up stuff. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about how you’re feeling.

Here are things to think about that may offer some form of encouragement or at least a flicker of light during your time of despair.

Right Now You Have More Strength Than You Recognize

When you feel hopeless, you don’t want to do anything or be bothered, so what made you get up out of bed today? What made you get on the internet? You may not feel like much, but something is driving you to do some form of activity. Sure, you may have things to do that you don’t want to do or there are others relying on you to get things done. You may feel hopeless now but think about what has yet to come. What do you have to look forward to that is greater than what you are feeling?

Look at Where You Are and Know You’re Not the Only One There

What is your current situation? Are you living alone, getting a divorce, going through a rough patch with your spouse or partner, or dealing with family/relationship drama? Chances are you’re not the only one going through the same situation. There are times we focus so much on our personal situation we just wish for things to get better instead of thinking about what can actually be done. You may have issues like others, but your situation could be better than someone else.

Hope Isn’t Given to You but Something from Within

The aspect of hope is universal, but on a personal level, it is generated within you. There may be things around you that influence the feeling of hope, but it is not something a person can give you because everyone is different. People have their own perception of what it is and where it comes from. You may feel hopeless because you don’t know how to fix something or you feel like the problem can’t be solved. We may not have capabilities to see into the future how things will get better, but having some hope that things will improve is a sign something in you is refusing to give up.

Do Something that Gives You Satisfaction

Can we step away from feeling like crap for a minute? Okay. Now, think about something that brings good vibes. What is something you want to do and can you make plans to do it? What are things important to you at the moment that requires your energy? It can be anything you feel is significant no matter how big or small. Doing something that matters to you that is within your control can help you see past the feelings of hopelessness.

Live in the Now

Focus on the present and know that some things will happen that is out of your control. Your mood may not go away sooner dwelling on what you can’t do or assume something bad will happen. Some get upset with themselves when they feel bad. It is normal to experience such emotions but don’t dwell on them. Living in the present by doing what you can do is okay, and even when you can’t, live in the present a moment at a time.

What Else Can You Do?

Meditate your mind through prayer and spiritual exercises. When you don’t know what to do about what you’re going through, ask God for help. Many find the work of God (the Bible) helpful during times of hopelessness. There are many Bible verses to read when you feel hopeless that can help put your mind in a better state.

Talk to someone you trust about your feelings. A family member, friend, church leader, counselor, or anyone you feel comfortable with is sure to listen to what you have to say. Sometimes talking about your feelings brings hope. You may get some answers or figure out a way to deal with your problems you didn’t see before.

No One Said Our Life Journey Will Be Easy

Each day things can change, and at the same time, it is something not promised. You will have days when you can get things done and others when you feel like doing nothing. When you have a bad day think about the good days you had. We’re not perfect, so it’s okay not to judge yourself. Life is a wonderful gift not to take for granted. Sometimes you have to take things with a grain of salt and keep moving along. Spend time doing what you can do based on what you are able to do.

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Tanisha Herrin is a writer and author with unique interests in mental health and self-improvement. After publishing the book, Fighting the Blues as a Black Woman: How I Survived Suicidal Depression (Lulu Press, 2010), Tanisha wanted to help others dealing with depression through her personal experiences with useful knowledge and advice. She has produced numerous detailed articles on mental health topics through various projects including her blog. To learn more visit: https://www.inspirewritings.com/