It is very easy for any homeowner to lose their cool when air conditioning systems goes out all of a sudden. What step you will take will greatly be determined by the comfort level you are dealing with in relation to this expensive electrical equipment. The HVAC is not among the equipment you can put into your DIY list especially when you think that you don’t know any HVAC repair person. There are professional air conditioning repair technicians who are available on call 24/7. When contacted, they will come and give your unit some thorough inspection in addition to giving you an estimate on what amount of money will be required for the job to done. However, there are a few things you can do before you place the call to the repair shop.

Check the thermostat: There are times when the problem with the HVAC will be some changes to settings that could have done by children in the house and it will cause a drastic change in the temperatures at home. Always check to make sure that the program settings are correct and at the same time you also need to check thermostat battery just to be sure.

Check on the filter: When the filter of the air conditioner is clogged up you can be sure that it will affect the way the system runs; this will eventually slow it down before making it relatively weak. If you check the filter and discover that it looks dirty, you may want to change it first to see whether it will improve the situation. If there is no improvement, chances are that the clogged filter has created a dirt buildup in the ducts which will require the services of a qualified AC repair technician.

Check the duct connections: If you have a way of accessing the ducts of the air conditioning unit, you should check to see whether the seals are intact and that the insulation hasn’t fallen off. If your home AC has its ductwork under the house, you could be surprised to realize that come creatures have created a nest on them while in other cases there will be disconnected areas or holes.

Report everything you hear, feel or see: if your air conditioning system is not performing au to par, you need to take careful note of everything you will hear or see by the unit. This may include whether it is turning off immediately it is turned on, whether it is blowing hot air into the home, making strange noises or if it is as dead as a dodo. Your observations will definitely help the AC technicians to try and diagnose its real problem and they will have an idea of where to start their repair work as soon as they arrive.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for All Leaks the leading heating and air contractor in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. All Leaks Heating & Cooling has been helping customers install and repair their heating systems for generation. In case you need broken A/C repair service call them today!