I've been getting some interesting calls lately. In the last ten days, I've gotten more "panic" calls than I've had in a long time. The reasons for the calls vary. Some people are calling because they're worried about money and the recession. Others call because the "you know what" has hit the fan and they need help figuring out what to do. I've had several of these.

Since I'm pretty good at putting out forest fires, I thought I would share some tips when you come across your own "forest fire".

First, let's chat about your perspective and focus. So... the "you know what" is hitting the fan right? It's your entire world right now. You're focused on it, dreaming about it, living it, breathing it and trying to get out of it... am I right?

I've said this before but it bears repeating... there is a universal principle out there called the Law of Focus. It's a natural law similar to the Law of Gravity. This law suggests that what you put your attention to grows. So if you put your attention to fear, a lack of money, and start to think that the sky in your world is falling, then your "sky" will fall. If we put out negative thoughts and actions and constantly focus on the negative, we will attract negative back to us. It will become our entire world. Conversely, if we try our best to see the positive, then we will attract the positive back, and this will become our world.

As the late Peter Jennings once said in a newscast I was watching a while back, "the mind/body connection has become serious science." What you decide to focus on, and the direction you decide to go because of this decision, will determine your company's reality and its direction.

So... as I said before, the crap is hitting the fan. How do you stop looking at it?

Focus on your future. Focus on where you want to go instead. I'm not telling you to ignore it (mostly because you can't) but you sure don't have to focus all your attention on it!!

Here are some tips...

1. Stop watching the news. It teaches us to be scared, and reminds us on a daily basis what we should be afraid of.

2. Cut some pictures out of a magazine and pin it to the bulletin board above your desk. Pictures of where you want to go... limousines, private jets, your dream house, your dream office, your dream car, your ultimate vacation destination... whatever. Something that will remind you where you are going and what you are working towards. I have several on my own bulletin board as they remind me on a daily basis where I am going

3. Listen to music. Whatever music empowers you and makes you feel good. Dance. Sing out loud! It will lift you up.

4. Don't listen to the naysayers who are saying you can't or shouldn't. Turn your ears off and run your business (and your life) from your heart, not your head. TRUST what your intuition is trying to tell you. Listen to it, you know it's never wrong. Get quiet and focused and listen to that small voice deep down inside of you. It knows the direction you should go, and it knows how to get you there. Trust it.

And what if you fall? What if the sky does fall down on you?

That actually happened to me. Want to know what I did when it happened?

First I cried...

Then I got really really angry...

Then I calmed down and started to think. That's when I realized that I had just learned what not to do. Once I realized the lesson, I was able to stand up and dust myself off. Sure, it hurt like hell but I was able to slowly move forward knowing that I wouldn't do that again! I then forgave everyone involved (including myself) and moved on. I let go of all judgments, resentments and anger. I let go of it all and walked away.

We then regrouped, refocused, reorganized and relaunched the business.

Did we close the business?


Want to know why?

Because even though falling flat on my face hurts, it actually makes me even more determined to succeed. If only to prove them all wrong.

So keep going everyone! Don't give up and keep your eye on the prize.

Oh... one more thing...

Try to stop looking at the fan.

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Award-winning author and the world’s leading concierge trainer and consultant as well as a Certified Concierge Specialist (CCS) and Speaker. She is one of the founders of Triangle Concierge and is the Chairman of the Board and Founder of ICLMA. She is the author of the award winning book "Going Above and Beyond" and "The Concierge Manual." She can be reached through her websites at www.triangleconcierge.com and www.katharinegiovanni.com