Summer’s almost over and soon we’ll be back to jeans, sweaters and for some of us, snow shoes. As with every change of season though comes the dreaded fear of whether your clothes from last season will fit or not.

I know I’ve certainly felt this way before. It never fails to cross my mind if my jeans from last season will be too snug or if my favorite corduroy skirt will still fit, or if I’ll be reduced to buying a whole new wardrobe so I don’t have to endure the unsightly muffin top edging out over the top of my pants.

When I was a kid, I remember picking out dresses and school shoes and not thinking twice about whether they’d fit or not. Back then, that would have seemed an absolute absurdity to me. The bright florals and plaids got me so excited about going back to school that I wasn’t even focused on if my clothes would fit. What 7- or 8-year-old kid thinks that way anyway?

So why do we when we get older? What brings on the onslaught of worry about if we’ll be able to slide back into our favorite slacks or if they’ll get relegated to the Goodwill pile?

One of the sneakiest ways fear creeps into your subconscious and freaks you out is with your body. And if you’re like me, one of the best ways for your body to get your attention is with your weight.

We’re constantly bombarded with images of what women should look like and when we don’t fit the model, we think there’s something wrong with us and start to question why. Would your body bother you, no matter what size you were, if you lived on a deserted island without tv, ads or billboards that make you feel fat?

When we’re kids, we’re oblivious to all of it, because we’re too busy being kids. We run and frolic and our biggest worry isn’t how much we’re eating or what we’re eating as much as who our best friend is and what game we’ll play next.

And if we do eat cookies, candies, or snacks, we just eat them without any after thought about it.

Your fear over what you’re eating is your biggest foe when it comes to your weight, even more so than how many calories it has or how much you eat, and although this logic might seem contrary to what you’ve been taught your whole life about losing weight, it’s based on Universal truth.

When you attach beliefs to food, or anything else, how you feel about it becomes real. So when you fear the possibility of your clothes being too tight, and consequently added weight gain, it continues to drive your experience of what your reality is and you either gain more, maintain it, or gain it in the first place.

When I was little and never thought about my weight, I never gained any more weight than the requisite weight gain any kid gains as they grow, and my diet was a disaster. I was never denied anything I wanted to eat so my eating was out of control and mostly consisted of high sugary foods including pizza, candy bars, and frozen treats.

It’s no wonder that it was that way for me well into adulthood too, but how you see food and what you believe about it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old because it works the same way.

What you feel, you make real.

So how do you fix it? To start with, it requires discipline and tenacity when it comes to controlling your thoughts when you’re in the process of switching your belief system. Fear is at the foundation of how you think as it is and it’s likely not going to go away very easily, so patience is a virtue, especially now.

You didn’t develop your beliefs overnight and they won’t go away overnight either, but the more you take back control when your mind immediately goes to fear with food, the faster the fear will dissipate.

My best tips to overcoming fear when your weight won’t budge are to ask yourself:

1) What beliefs pop up when you’re eating and where and when did they originate?

2) How do you think the food you’re eating will affect your weight?

3) How much pleasure do you get from eating it, if any?

When you deprive your body of pleasure, it knows it, and it will keep causing cravings until it finds satisfaction, so if you really want to stoke your metabolism, eat only foods you love to eat.

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Knowing where your beliefs come from helps dissect them and sort them out too so that it’s easier to connect the dots about your eating behaviors and how they developed. Once you have a solid understanding of them, it becomes even easier to let them go forever.

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