Feeling overwhelmed by life has reached epidemic proportions and continues to soar.

Here are a few simple Holistic Health Strategies you can use to bring immediate balance and calm when you're suffering from symptoms of overwhelm.

Aromatherapy is a great tool for handling your stress. Modern scientific research has proven that pure essential oils have remarkable medicinal properties. Pure essential oils are now being used successfully in hospitals and medical centers throughout the USA and around the globe. Aromatherapy is a safe, natural, inexpensive and complementary form of holistic health care.

Let's look at research results for using Aromatherapy for Stress Relief by ICU Nurses.

Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital conducted a controlled research study to examine conclusively the effects of aromatherapy on the relief of work-related stress for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses.

Erin Pemberton, BSN, RN, CPAN, LMT, CCAP, lead researcher and med/surg ICU nurse reports that, “ICU nurses are called to participate in end-of-life decisions and patient resuscitations, and support families through a patient’s journey. It is important for nurses to have outlets and options for stress relief.”

The controlled study was conducted on 14 ICU nurses over 42 nursing shifts. Nurses were given Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), and Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea). Both essential oils have been shown in previous research to calm stress and relieve anxiety. Over 57 percent of the ICU nurses involved in the research study when surveyed reported a decrease in their perceived stress levels after using essential oils.

Pemberton's comment about the results, “The study showed the use of clinical aromatherapy is effective in reducing stress, which we hope will improve retention and turnover, and increase nurses’ satisfaction with their jobs,”

Properties that make Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils so effective for treating symptoms of overwhelm.

LAVENDER ( Lavandula angustifolia ) is one of the most well loved and used essential oils in aromatherapy. Lavender is called the universal healer as it has a broad chemical profile and thus a broad application.

The primary chemical property in Lavender oil is Ester known for its calming effects. Grown and distilled at higher altitudes the oil has even higher concentrations of plant Esters up to 54%.

Here are some of the commonly known uses for Lavender oil that relate to its chemical properties to relieve symptoms of overwhelm.

LAVENDER Properties, Actions & Effects:

  • Antidepressant – alleviates or prevents depression, lifts mood, counters melancholia
  • Antispasmodic – calms nervous and muscular spasms, for colic, pain and indigestion
  • Carminative/Stomachic – settles digestive system, relieves intestinal gas
  • Nervine – strengthening and toning to the nerves and nervous system.
  • Sedative – agent that exerts a soothing, tranquilizing, calming effect on the body, good for nervous tension, stress, insomnia, anxiety, palpitations.
  • Tonic – general neurotonic and cardiac regulator, strengthens and enlivens the body.
  • CLARY SAGE ( Salvia sclarea ) relieves deep tension. The primary chemical property in Clary Sage oil is Ester. With over 250 biochemical constituents Clary Sage has a broad therapeutic application.

    Clary Sage with a "high sclareol" chemical content is known to have the most effectiveness for calming and balancing the body and mind.

    Used exclusively in the perfumery trade Clary Sage has a lovely floral scent that some experience as seductively hypnotic to the senses.

    CLARY SAGE Properties, Actions & Effects:

  • Antispasmodic – calms nervous and muscular spasms, for colic, pain and indigestionAphrodisiac – increases capacity for sexual arousal.
  • Digestive – settles digestive system, relieves intestinal gas.
  • Nervine – strengthening and toning to the nerves and nervous system.
  • Sedative – agent that exerts a soothing, tranquilizing, calming effect on the body, good for nervous tension, stress, insomnia, anxiety, palpitations.
  • Tonic – general tonic and cardiac regulator, strengthens and enlivens the body.
  • HOLISTIC THERAPY – Mind Body Prescription

    SET YOUR PRIORITIES when feeling overwhelmed.

    Setting your priorities and highest values when feeling overwhelmed will immediately put you in control and reduce symptoms of overwhelm.

    Dispense 1-3 drops of your chosen essential oil on a cotton ball and inhale their vapors slowly introducing them into your system. You might also put on some relaxing music and recline in a comfortable chair in loose comfortable clothing that allows you to let go and relax quietly. After 1-5 minutes of inhaling the essential oil vapors your feeling of overwhelm should have dissipated.

    Continue breathing your pure essential oil throughout this entire exercise.

    Now in a relaxed and care free manner take a clean sheet of paper and write "to do" list. Don’t think just write. Take no more than 1 minute tops to write your list.

    Now review your list and quickly mark off half of what you have written down.

    Now beside each of the remaining "to dos" write down how this item makes you feel and how you will feel once accomplished.

    Then, once again mark off half of the "to dos" on your list. Let go of anything you do not want to do.

    Now prioritize your list in order of what’s of most value to you.

    Do the two top priorities on your list and let the rest go for today.

    After completing the top two priorities on your list allow yourself to enjoy the satisfaction of of having completed your tasks.

    Tomorrow plan to do the next two top priorities on your list.

    This exercise will help you learn how to set your priorities for accomplishing what you value most and gives you a sense of fulfillment. You’ll also learn how to let go of what’s unimportant to you that gives you no real pleasure.

    Your affirmation: “My highest priority is to enjoy life.”

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