I wish I could tell you that I deal with every day perfectly no matter what. Would you believe me if I said that? Probably not.

I have gone from having a great meeting on Monday with a Beverly Hills Doctor from the Mideast who had some very interesting insights on the situations there which got us to speaking of hope vs. harm, of fanatics vs. conscious. So interesting because there is a thin line between enthusiasm and wanting to share all you have or know with others and believing that you have the only way. This is true of religions, it is true of the internet, it is simply true. The only way thinking means you can eliminate anyone who does not agree with you or your philosophy right?

We spoke of hope and being hopeful in these times that are a race into who knows what . The fanatics promote fear and if we don’t promote hope the fear will win. Love is encoded in Hope you can’t have hope without connection, no connection without love and trust. It’s just fakery. Better to fake hope than be hopeless right.

Tuesday I was rollerblading my beloved neighborhood hills it clears my head so most afternoons when in town you will see me dancing the hills. This day I passed two women one black and one white in the midst of a very loud altercation. Actually the white woman was yelling really loudly yelling in her best outside voice at the block woman. ” I need you to listen to me I need you to hear me.” As she was yelling her energy and hair were both totally out of control. I hoped the other woman could placate her there was no reasoning at this point. As I was coming up the hill the Black woman is walking down the hill saying to me or maybe no one. “That’s what happens when you try to help someone.” I couldn’t let this pass so I stopped and said. ” Do you want to release this energy from your magnetic field?” She sighed and said, “yes.” Then proceeded to blurt out the entire story of how this woman was moving in with her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease into a house she could not afford and her friend helped move this woman but she had so much stuff that he wanted more money to finish the move and that is what triggered her. She told me this man was a good man and had helped her out many times. I listened and then said you know this isn’t about you or this man don’t you. It’s about her feeling totally overextended and you were the one who was both present and safe to let loose on. She immediately got it and thanked me for making her feel better. She then said.” I see you rollerblading and you are so at peace it just makes me feel better.” Never know do we?

Trust me it is not always this easy. I had a client that morning who has been depressed for 6 years, no she has not been my client for 6 years only 3 sessions. She is so not ready to get out of her depression yet mouth says she is that she will do none of the techniques I give her for more than a few days. It takes at least 40 consecutive days to break a habit and 120 to get a new one embedded. She doesn’t work, she doesn’t exercise, she doesn’t have friends, actually she neither likes not trusts people all she has that ties her into the earth is her two 11 year olds girls. I am very creative and have done this work for along time and watched the best shift energy. so I went another direction and said how about volunteering? She got excited I had just been to this benefit for this Jewish foundation on Sunday nite so I recommended them since she is Israeli. She said yes till I said 3 times/week for 2 hours. She freaked. 6 hours. I said what would you do with those 6 hours? She had no answer but it was too much to give away even if it meant it would give back. So here were tow woman. One I could help her shift in the street in 5 minutes and the other in one hour of a paid session I could not budge. I finally had to say you are not done with this depression. It must have something more to teach you. So be with it because you are not ready for what must seem more scary to you than being in this depression. Coming back to life and rebuilding your business, your life, your heart.

Then Wednesday I got my trial by fire. Birthing my product in Whole Foods and literally it was like birthing an elephant. It took 6 weeks of back and forth. Then yes finally did it Wahe Guru got my pillows into the big Venice stores and guess what not over yet. I can’t even go into what they want it would truly be easier to give them my first born child. Trust me I really like and love my first and second born children by the way that is as many as I have. So if you tell me you have your products in WF and you have done it recently I will send you a prayer and a congratulations. You need an angel to make it happen I did have that Alex in whole body go see him and say I heard you are really an angel.

Today, today is a new day that I started as usual with meditation and then I planted a tree with a prayer. Ahhh I had breakfast in the sun of my back yard watching the finches flitter in my bouganvilla, and humming birds feast on my purple Lobelia. deep breath and deep gratitude. Gratitude necessary to keep us healthy on all levels.

Tell me of your tools to stay the course in Gratitude and what you do when knocked down or out. Thank you I appreciate your connections.

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