You’ve had your first or another of many psychic reading. So what now? What if you loved what was said? Can you really allow yourself to expect such a good future?

On the other hand, what if You didn’t resonate with what was shared with You? Can You allow yourself to tap fully into your own creative power to shape a different future?

You have the power to alter the outcome of your readings. Nothing of a predictive nature is set in stone. The future is yours to shape and mold. The reading only reflects the current energies you’re emitting. If You don’t like where you’re heading or the energy you’re emitting it’s up to You to shift Your vibration around an issue. If your reading shows you a bunch of what you don’t want in your life. Get clear about what you do want and then see what manifests. It may be very different than what your reading said and much more enjoyable to live once you have clarity.

If your reading showed a very merry future, but You don’t allow it for yourself, it won’t turn out so merry. If You react with an attitude that says “it’s too good to be true”, then your resistance would alter the energy that was seen during your reading. Can You allow yourself to expect a good future?

Judy Lynn and I offer practical techniques and action steps to assist You into manifesting the good things we see in your energetic future. We also will offer down to earth tools to help You avoid energetic pitfalls of manifesting what You don’t want.

Anything in a reading that is future orientated in nature is always shift-able by You. One thought, action, word or feeling can alter your whole outlook. You are really that powerful.

Your expectation alone is a powerful tool for creating your future. Are You expecting something good to happen in the foreseeable future? Are You living into that?

Are You expecting new opportunities? Are You expecting the same old same old?

Your expectations are very important to what shows up next in your life. No matter what You are told in a reading. Can You hold your expectation steady on something You want no matter what someone else says?

Did You hear something in your reading that didn’t resonate? Was there light shined on a blind spot? Did You think You were done dealing with something or some aspect of your life and it’s still showing up in your energy during a reading. That’s part of what readings are for, reflecting what’s still active in your energy. The readings hopefully take You to a deeper understanding of yourself in your life.

Ultimately what I’m telling You is that You hold the power to alter your future. What shows up in your reading is just a reflection of the energy You are radiating in that moment. You are always free to alter your vibration and expectations. We can let You know in your reading where You are in relationship to where You want to be.

You hold the ability to open up to the realm of possibility and blast your future wide open.

Author's Bio: 

Christy DeArment Martin is co-founder of Psychic Potentials, located in Colorado. Psychic Potentials offers new and full moon readings, psychic development products and classes, and personal psychic readings.

She is a self taught tarot reader and has been giving psychic readings for over 20 years. Christy’s uplifting and expansive reading style leaves You with clear insight and a sense of direction.

Watch for the next New or Full Moon reading on Psychic Potentials to assist You in navigating the ever changing situations of life powerfully.