If you have been invited into your first Indian wedding, then you might be curious about what is going to take place. We enlisted the assistance of wedding planner Suniti Patel, of Lamhe Bridal Consultants at New Jersey, to get answers to your frequently asked questions regarding weddings.upcoming fashion exhibitions in India are many and they all are needed to be taken care off.

Q: What should I use to an Indian wedding service?
A: Brighter is much better. Do not be scared to put on a colour --that can allow you to fit in with all the guests who will be dressed in jewelry and vivid colours. Do not worry, if you do not have lengha or even a sari --a dress with a shawl is suitable.

Q: Does that Indian weddings continue for many years? What will I be expected to attend?

A: A traditional Indian wedding lasts an average of 3 times. On the very first nighta priest will execute the pooja, a service that occurs at home with the few, the party and relatives .

The next day starts with a mehndi ceremony. For this, the bride and her female family and friends members will have henna patterns drawn in feet and their palms. The sangeet occurs that day. Each wedding guest is encouraged, and it entails a meal, mingling, a debut of the couple's households and dances or performances.

On the next day, the major ceremony, cocktail hour and reception occur. You might be encouraged into some component of this celebration, or to the day of these occasions. Your invitation should say what you are being asked to attend.

Q: What do I expect to see at an Indian wedding service?
A: Among the initial things which may surprise Western guests would be that the baraat, or groom's procession. Into the ceremony onto a horse that is decorated, the groom arrives for this. Guests dancing him around into a dhol, an Indian drum's defeat. Following that, her family and the bride greet the dress, along with the few exchanges floral garlands to wear their necks around to signify their approval of one another.

For the service, the priest, groom, bride and bride's parents sit under a mandap, a canopy somewhat like a Jewish chuppah. The ceremony begins off using all the kanya daan, in. Subsequently the couple joins hands and circles round a little, enclosed flame (the agni) in a ritual known as the mangal phera.

Subsequently the few will choose the saptapadi, or seven measures, since they vow to encourage one another and live happily together. Last, the groom also tie a beaded necklace round her throat and will employ a powder.
Q: What will the reception be similar to?
A: It is a fun celebration! A Punjab folk dance, expect to pick up the motions if you do not understand bhangra. If you are uncomfortable learning new dances, but do not be worried --you hear Western music .

Q: I am kind of picky when it comes to meals. Are there anything for me?

A: Some of the most frequent misconceptions about Indian foods are that it is all hot and it is all vegetarian. In fact, it is dependent upon which condition the families of the couple are from. When served in america, however, the food will become North Indian, which means that you are going to notice a spread of naan (a flatbread) using various curries, samosas (savory pastries with spiced meats or veggies ), pakoras (fritters) and a dessert screen, which generally includes cake, kulfi (Indian ice cream) and adorned sweets made out of nuts. There be around four channels of chefs preparing meals for guests.

Q: If I bring a gift?

A: Couples normally ask there are no boxed gifts in the wedding, so guests normally have gifts sent to the couple's house or deliver an envelope with cash.
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