Though the term "Wellness Coach" is spreading like a forest fire amongst people who seek to achieve a healthy and fit body, it's surprising how so many of them still do not have an accurate knowledge about the role of a qualified health coach. Generally, people assume that the health coach is one who will help them to transform their physical appearance from fat to fit within a matter of few months with the help of rigorous exercise plan. Though this notion is true to some extent, the role of a wellness coach goes well and beyond the task of acting as a physical instructor for his clients.

Then there are young men and women who are portraying themselves as a health coach in absence of a licensing board that can exercise control on who are well qualified and trained to call themselves as a health coach and who are not. This field is relatively young and this could be a reason for the lack of a state regulatory authority that can issue required licenses and certifications to a person who seek to offer their services as a professional health coach.

Anyone can label themselves as a health coach and this has made people suspicious about hiring one and for a good reason. In fact, it is suggested to all those people that they should know about the background, educational qualifications, training process, and the results you can expect from hiring the services of a Coach Cecil. This article intends to inform readers about what they can expect from their potential wellness coach and what they should not. Read on to find more about it.

Here's What You Can Expect

• Your health coach will evaluate your current lifestyle to identify the things you are doing right and mark other areas that need improvement. He will help you define your fitness goals and chalk out a suitable plan that helps you to achieve them.

• Your wellness coach will take your physical test to assess your current physical condition. This test involves calculating your body fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic rate, and body mass index.

• All of the data that is collected by your fitness expert will be evaluated by him to create a healthy lifestyle plan that will set you on your way to achieve your fitness goals such as fat loss, muscle gain, weight loss, etc,.

• Your fitness coach will make you accountable in case you fail to take pre-planned actions because he will not expect any excuses as a cover up to your inefficiency.

• Your health coach will keep confidential all the information provided by you to ensure that you can work in a safe, reliable and credible place.

Here's What Not To Expect

• Don't expect your health coach to work for you. You are responsible for all the hard work that you put in your training to achieve desired results. He can guide you and supervise you, but he can't work on your behalf.

• Don't expect a quick-fix solution from your qualified health coach. He won't resort to offering you magic pills, cosmetic surgeries, and other drastic measures which can have serious side-effects on your body.

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