The Python is a high-level, interpreted and the general purpose programming language and it's a good option to start the coding class for kids. The design philosophy of Python puts emphasis on the code readability and its usage of the significant indentation.

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The Python project for kids

Let us have a look at one of the simple Python projects for kids. Here we will use the turtle libraries for coding the basic tic-tac-toe game.

1) Drawing the board: First we will write the function for drawing the grid and make use of turtle goto function for doing this. The grid should be 400x400.

2) Drawing the X: This function will consist of two arguments in the form of x and y. The x and y is used for referencing bottom left corner of square where you are drawing. One of the square is 133x133.

3) Drawing the O: For drawing the O we will use a function having two arguments of x and y. We will need the x+67 and the y+5 in the code.

4) Tracking player turns: We will create the Boolean dictionary for keeping track of which player's turn it is.

5) Clicking the square: When player clicks on the screen we figure out whose turn it is and then find bottom left corner of clicked square. Now draw x/o in that square and switch to the player whose turn it is.

6) Looping the code: Towards the end of code we can use done() function for looping the code that has been written.

7) Making 2D array for storing the board: For determining who won the game, we need to create the 2D array for storing the value of each of the spot on grid. Each spot needs to be initialized to ‘-’.

8) Addition of X's and O's to array: We need to add each of the player's moves to array and for doing that we must be aware of all floored values for x and y axis. We can use the if statements in draw functions for adding each of the moves to array.

9) A function for checking who won: Using the if statements inside for loop might help in finding every combination of the of the lines of 3. There will also be one if statement for each of the combination when you find the player that has got 3 in the row, we return letter of winner.

10) Drawing winners letter: You must check who won where the function is called and clear the board if there is no winner. Otherwise we must call the draw function at the screen's center.

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You can check out learn about different languages and coding for kids.