Being obese or over weight is problem which can not only cause physical damage to a person but it has lot of impact on the emotional aspect also. It can break self-confidence of a person to pieces. If you happen to be overweight and have tried all the diet and exercise regimes under the sun then medically assisted weight loss is a very good option for you. It is not only reliable and fast but it will help you losing weight in a healthy way.

How weight loss clinic is a better option?

According to experts of weight loss program in San Diego it is always better to lose over weight under guidance of a physician. Losing lot of weight over a period of time can have its effect on other parameters such as heart beat, blood pressure etc. But an expert at a weight loss center can keep a check on all these parameters and devise a plan best suiting your health, social scenario and life style. Even if it is drug assisted weight loss you will be in safe hands and chances of other health issues w]due to side effects of drugs and diet will be less.

What do these weight loss specialists do?

According to a renowned health center San Diego, a weight specialist is responsible for overall health of the patients. Depending on the physical condition and weight of the patient they put them on diet and exercise regime. Kind of treatment given differs from person to person and not one tailor made solution can work for all the patients. Some people are ok with very low calorie diet while some others have to be put on restricted carbohydrate and low fat diet.

Exercise schedule also depends on the life style of the patient. Usually over-weight or obese people have sedentary life style. They cannot be put on heavy exercising schedule right from the beginning. They have to be given slow start and increase in accordance to response from the body of the patient.

What to expect in these weight loss clinic?

As you go in a weight loss center for consultation, firstly a physician will have a detailed session with you. It may take an hour or more. Once he knows everything about your health, life style, eating habits and other issues in your life he will make a prescription. Once your weight loss goal is achieved another prescription is made to maintain the ideal weight for rest of your life.

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