Customer service agent is the person assisting the clients and providing online help to the customers. These agents have to directly communicate with the client and solve their queries. Hence, this position needs a person with excellent communication skills. You may not know anything about the customer you need to handle, hence, you must possess excellent convincing ability to cool down the angry customer or handle any other tricky problems. If you are applying for such position, you need to refer the free customer service resume templates to draft your own CV. A perfectly written CV will easily get attention from recruiters and get you noticed.

Importance of Resume in Job Search

When you are looking for a job, you will have to write an application and send it to the company. This application must include all the details that you think can make you suitable for the particular job. Instead of including all the skills, qualifications and traits possessed by you, you can include only those details that are needed for the applied job position.

Employer will not know you personally and resume is the only means by which they can decide your suitability for the job. If the information in the CV is not presented properly, you will be rejected and lose the opportunity.
Now you know the importance of writing a CV for getting a job; we will see the tips for presenting skills in the customer service resume.

Skills in Customer Service Resume

The customer service job demands strong communicative and problem solving skills. Linguistic skills are often important for customer service positions. Hence, in the language section, mention all the languages you speak or write.

The skills section should focus on the skills that can help you in handling the customer problems and working efficiently under stress. Stress management is another important skill necessary for the customer service jobs as you will be handling irate clients. Following is the list of some important skills that should be included in customer service CV:

• Written and verbal communication
• Interpersonal skill
• Problem solving ability
• Decision making ability
• Effective listener
• Stress management
• Organizational and management skills
• Team work
• Strategic thinking

Listing of skills depends on the format you choose for presenting your details. If you are using a chronological format for your customer service resume, you can use the bulleted points to list your job skills. But if you are using a functional format, you have to provide description of each of the job skill and explain to the employer how each of these skills can prove helpful to you in your prospective work. Skills is the most important section for customer service CV. Employer will view this section when short listing the CV for this position. As this is a skill based job, this section should be given key importance when writing your job application.

This section has to be listed just after the career objective statement in your CV. Skills in your CV will make an impact on the employer so that he may call you for the personal interview to know more about your qualifications and accomplishments.

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