Who doesn’t love a brick wall that lies exposed to the elements? It adds a touch of stability to any house. Professionals warn that while brightly painted brickwork looks excellent, it is not easy to achieve. The exterior bricks that brave the elements should be free of dust, dirt and mildew before you can start painting. To ensure that the surface is cleaned correctly, you will first need to remove any efflorescence with a wire brush. Following this use a high quality power brush to power wash the exterior.

After the bricks are washed, allow them to dry for several days because efflorescence will reemerge on wet walls causing cracking and peeling. Based on the overall quality of your outdoor surfaces, you might need to fix any cracks or damage.

The pros of interior brick building

Interior brick painting is a much easier job compared to outdoor brick painting. While you will need to remove any efflorescence from the surface, the remaining cleaning is done by hand using a milder solution. However you need to pay close attention to the quality of the bricks.

Protection is also an added plus point as the painted surfaces are often easier to clean than bare surfaces. Brick has a porous surface and it benefits from a good clean job and a high quality paint job too. Soot and dirt should not be trapped inside the brick’s porous surface.

Mostly it is the appearance and aesthetics that draw many people to do this as a DIY project. Painting over a fireplace can often completely reinvent your living space much to your surprise. When done right, a painted fireplace makes a bedroom seem bright or opens out a living area.

The cons of interior brick painting

While it is less labor intensive, a lot goes on when it comes to painting brick surfaces. Painting brick surfaces is known as a specialty skill, and a lot of work goes into achieving the perfect coat of paint. There has to be painstaking attention to detail at every point on the painting job. This is why we recommend that you employ professionals for this project.

Permanence is another factor to consider. Once you have painted your brick surface, you have to stick with it. The bricks are porous and will absorb paint inside them, making it difficult to paint a different color over it if you change your mind.

Although a quality paint job will result in extra protection for your bricks, maintenance and cleaning will still be involved. So keep these above factors in mind when you set out to paint an interior brick surface.

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