A lot of cases have been reported all over the world that has been affected with this kind of disease. I am talking about the rampant HIV/ AIDS. This disease is already considered to have a pandemic prevalence, which means anyone whether poor or rich, or even the person closest to your heart might acquire this disease when precautionary measures is not applied. This is the reason why it is not enough that we know subtle information about this, but rather we should recognize precautions so as to protect ourselves and even our loved ones as well.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that disrupts your CD4 count or your Helper T-cells, these cells help your body to protect itself from infection and other diseases. While AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a disease that you can acquire when HIV totally destroys the immune system, which means the virus is already full-blown.

Anybody can get HIV that is why we should make ourselves familiar on how you can get the virus. HIV is usually transmitted through sex contact with a person who is infected with it. It may also be transmitted through sharing of injection needles, or from an infected mother to her baby when she delivers. However, there are times wherein we get all freaked out due to some misunderstood information on acquiring HIV. Like, you can not get this virus when functioning with or accompanying somebody who has HIV. Let us not be so paranoid when you get to sit beside a person who’s infected with the virus, remember that they are still persons who needs respect. Second, virus can not be spread from spits, perspirations, clothing, drinking on fountains, mobile phones, and toilet bowls, or in events such as sharing a meal. On the third note, virus can not be acquired through vectors, thus, HIV can not be transmitted in the course of mosquito bites or bee stings.

The surest means to keep away from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is to refrain from having sexual intercourse, and most importantly, try to have a long-standing, monogamous and mutual relationship with a spouse who is not infected with these types of diseases. But then for people, whose sexual activities are evidently off the board, makes them at a higher risk for STD. However, using of latex condoms may safeguard the welfare of the patient but is not 100 percent effective in protecting from STDs.

The single method to identify that a person has HIV is to have that person run some tests. Like ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay), this is to detect the presence of antibodies. Aside from that, we have Western Blot which is the oldest yet most accurate confirmatory test for HIV. Some people may not submit themselves on tests for HIV for the very reason that they might get a lot of criticisms coming from their communities, but what they have to at least know that, doctors or health care providers can give confidential conduct with regards to medical information.

Scientists and researchers never stopped studying about the treatment of the rampant HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Recently, they have released a new treatment for this, and it is by treating HIV right away before the infected person gets sick. Nonetheless, it helps lower the chance of spreading the virus to a sexual partner.

This disease has been known all over the world for quite a long time. Every single day, there might be a victim of HIV, and it is all because of an irresponsible act that leads to a long-term effect. Everyone has to be responsible to take precautionary measures for you and other people as well. We might not know we have already saved one life, by sharing your knowledge to other people.

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