When it comes to selecting a Toronto home builder, you have many choices including buying a tract home, partnering with a custom home builder and building a custom home from the ground up, and buying GTA new homes currently under development. With so many choices, finding the right custom home builder can become overwhelming. So, what should you look for when choosing a Toronto home builder?

Look for Experience
Does the home builder have extensive experience building the type of home you want? If you're interested in a sleek, eco-friendly modern home, you'll want a home builder that has experience working with modern designs and sustainable building materials. You don't want your home to be a first-time experiment.

Look for Local Expertise
Next, is the Toronto home builder familiar with the community you want to live in? For example, if you want to live in Mount Albert, has the builder built any Mount Albert homes? If you have your heart set on living in Newmarket, ask the builder if you can see examples of Newmarket homes recently built. Local expertise is important because each community has its own unique character, and a custom home builder that's familiar with that community should be able to capture that character and integrate it into your new home.

Look for Quality
When you work with a custom home builder, you naturally expect quality. However, quality is never a given and should never be taken for granted. Tour the builder's model homes or recently completed Stouffville homes, and judge the quality for yourself. Another way to gauge quality is to ask for references. Call homeowners and ask them about their experiences and overall satisfaction with the custom home builder. Ask about the quality of the finished home and how any problems were resolved.

Look for Commitment
The best custom home builder is one that takes pride in a job well done and does everything possible to ensure the homeowner's complete satisfaction. Gauging commitment involves observing how the Toronto home builder speaks about building homes. Is he passionate? Proud? Knowledgeable? Ask the home builder about the warranty as well as how problems are handled.

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