• What is Fitness spa?

In fitness spa guests can lose weight by dieting and exercising. Guests can determine length of their visit, but a typical stay is usually 10-14 days. A trained weight management professional will evaluate guests and make an assessment on their weight loss needs. In a fitness spa, you will be able to find fitness trainers, nutritionists and counselors who will work with guests on weight management and other fitness programs.

Some fitness spa may offer certain type of outdoor activities and those activities may be related to nearby attractions. For example, if a spa is located near river rafting you can incorporate rafting as part of its agenda.

There are some spas that are strict and follow rigorous regime. These spas target at getting results. Such type of fitness spa functions like a military boot camp. These spas are often referred as "no frills".

Another type of fitness spa is generally more popular as they are more pampered and have a relaxing environment. There are more luxurious spas suited to the type of guests who want a fitness program. Such type of spas also offer perks such as private massage therapy, fine dining and luxurious suites. You will also find hair stylists and beauty consultants.

Fitness spa are gaining popularity as many on-site spas are typically considered a "must have" on most cruise line. Fitness spa destinations are becoming popular for entire family vacations. Due to increase in obesity among children fitness spas have become popular among teens and preteens.

• How to choose the best Fitness spa?

Before selecting a fitness spa do determine what your fitness goals are. Before choosing a spa, find out what equipments, programs and facilities are they providing. Also consider the location and cost of each spa before you choose one.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a personal trainer. Some spas offer this along with other programs. Do remember that a certified personal trainer gets paid based on an hour and services can be costly. In addition, they also have a stuff nutritionist you will help in controlling your diet.

If you are on a budget, do comparison shopping to find the best membership deals available. Special rates, trial memberships and package deals may be offered as an incentive. If you have young children you will choose a spa that has a daycare facility on the premises. You can also enjoy aerobic dancing and yoga if you inquire if the fitness center offers special classes for those activities.
You should give priority to cleanliness and safety in fitness spa. Make sure that all the fitness equipments are in good working condition with no loose parts or dangerous hazards. In addition to cleanliness and safety, staff should be skilled and willing to ensure your need is being met.

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