When you are ready to have your flooring replaced, you want to hire a flooring company in Utah who has experienced contractors who will get the job done right the first time. There are a couple of different things you want to look for in a flooring company before you decide to go with them.


One of the most important things to consider is whether or not the flooring company is responsive to your inquiries and also if they provide you with a detailed answer. Some companies will shove you to the side and get to you when they please or just give you a generic “yes” or “no” answer. This is not helpful and you want to be able to trust the company you hire.


Positive reviews are something that the flooring company you choose should have. These reviews should be left by customers and you can judge what you think about the company and the quality of their work based off of the reviews. Reputable companies also offer references to those who ask.

Ask us today about our references, we are your go to flooring company in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.


When choosing a flooring company, you want to make sure they offer some type of warranty or guarantee on the flooring and on the work that is performed. This will ensure that they produce quality work and if for some reason the flooring becomes damaged, they will fix it for you at no charge. This can be very hard to come by and many companies may not even offer any type of service guarantee. Stay away from them.

Talk to your professionals at Pro Floors of Utah to learn about our guarantees and warranties.

Licensed and Insured

A credible flooring company will be insured and their contractors will be licensed. This is in place to protect you, your home, and the contractor/company should something go wrong or happen. If the contractor is licensed, this ensures that they have gone through all of the testing and licensing requirements.

Tools and Materials for the Job

Everyone knows when you hire a flooring company you do not want a company that is at its first rodeo. A flooring company in Draper, UT that is experienced and has all of the materials, options, and tools available to perform the job is the flooring company for you.

Don’t waste your time messing around with a contractor who forgot this or a warehouse who is out of that.

Start relying on the professionals at Pro Floors of Utah and get the flooring of your dreams today!

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I grew up in our families flooring business in Midvale with my parents and grandfather. Over the years I had the opportunity to estimate, sell and install all types of flooring both residential and commercial with my grandfather, father, brothers, cousins and uncles (many of which are still in the business). My favorite part of the business is meeting new people every day and enjoying the diversity of each of the projects we tackle. I guess you could say, “it is in my blood.”