When you are planning on taking part in races, triathlons or such you need to make sure you are properly physically and mentally ready for them. One of the best things you can do then is to find a great cycling coach, UK to help train you. But how do you know which coach will work best for you and which know what they are talking about? If you want to see real progress and a training plan that you can achieve, here are a few ideas on what to look for when looking to work with a coach for any amount of time.

Find a coach that has actually competed themselves
Experience in your cycle coach helps. Why would you take advice from someone who has never faced these kinds of challenges? There is a difference between just a fitness instructor and a coach. Otherwise, everything they tell you is theoretical or taken from other sources, not their own experience and knowledge. Or even worse they are just guessing or making things up.

Find a coach that understands you have commitments
For most people, this is something you do fitting it in with other commitments, family, work and so on. You need a coach that understands you have other things going on and helps you set a training plan that takes that into account. You do not need to be made to feel lacking or not committed enough. There needs to be more flexibility and understanding between you and your coach.

Be in regular contact
You should be in touch with your coach regularly. At least once a week but preferably more. They should respond to phone calls, answer emails and so on. You should not feel unsure about contacting them or hold back in contacting them because of the extra cost. If there is a problem they should be there for you, checking in and committed to you and your training.

Your coach should care about your success
With a good cycling coach UK, your success is something that should be just as important to them as to you. They should encourage you, support you and challenge you. They should also make sure you keep everything in perspective.

Their philosophy should suit yours
Different coaches have different philosophies in life and their training approach. Find one who lines up with your own. How often will they expect you to train? What happens with missed sessions? Are they adapting the same program for each athlete they train or creating something new for each one?

As well as better seeing you achieve your goals, reach better levels of fitness and help you with all kinds of things in the training a coach helps with the mental aspects too. It is easy to get disheartened with the training process and a coach can help you through that, and to toughen up mentally while you are doing the same with your fitness. They can help you believe in yourself and set achievable goals. Not every temperament and personality of a cycle coach will suit every athlete.

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This article has been penned by Lora Davis for Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching. Matt Bottrill is a leading cycling coach in the UK and has beginners to elite training plans available. To know more visit his website.