Pawn shops have gotten something of a bad reputation over the years, and while there certainly have been some less than ethical examples of them, it’s honestly rather unfair. Some people would prefer to avoid traditional loans, feeling that leveraging existing possessions instead is a bit more independent, responsible and overall acceptable to their sense of self-sufficiency. Also, in spite of the bad rap that pawn shops of gotten, loan agencies and banks have even less-positive reputations since the bailouts and bubble bursts of the late 2000’s.

So, if you have something that’s worth enough money to cover what you need, and you’re comfortable with the idea potentially losing that item should you be unable to pay the money back in time, this is actually a very good alternative to traditional loans. Seriously, I actually often recommend to friends that they patronize a pawn shop before going for personal or cash loans, unless they absolutely cannot part with whatever items they have, or don’t have something worth anything, and which case they may be in some serious trouble anyhow, as that indicates a financial situation where all they can get is probably a bad credit loan, something you should only do out of sheer crippling necessity.

Today, allow me to elucidate exactly what to look for in a pawn shop in Brick, or a pawn shop in Freehold.

Look for smaller shops!

First of all, the big pawn shops that you see on TV, or the ones that look like large, possibly chain locations are actually ones to avoid in many cases. It’s not that they aren’t honest, they very much are, it’s that they have very fixed prices for what they are willing to give you for a lot of things, and will not be willing to negotiate with you. They are beholden to corporate headquarters, and they have very specific guidelines on what things are worth.

Conversely, smaller shops are willing to haggle with you, and if they have an honest individual in charge, somebody who also has some solid business ethics and a sense of community, you just may walk away with a little bit more money for your item.

Know the specialty!

If you have something like electronics, collectibles, etc., be sure that the pawn shop you’re looking at deals heavily in your particular specialty. Honest pawnshop flash to give you a better price for something they know a lot about, meaning that if it’s video games, go to one that deals with a lot of videogame stuff. If his memorabilia or collectibles, the same applies. For general electronics, go to one that has a lot of computers, game consoles and other digital goodies on their shelves.

We recommend exercising caution when it comes to music Letterman’s, as very few shops specialize in them, but a lot of them like to deal with them, and precious few of them truly understand the value, nor respect the owners when it comes to these items.

When looking for a pawn shop in Freehold, or a pawn shop in Brick, always read user feedback, as it’s impossible for a business to out run a reputation online, and remember that positive feedback is worth a lot more due to how lazy people are about being positive online!

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