I cast my mind back to the times I was preparing for my own wedding. Conducting research as sensibly advised on the internet and making a list of potential places to visit. The internet is indeed a large and wonderful world but at the same time spits out so much that can leave you overwhelmed. While conducting my research I felt just that, overwhelmed, by the amount of sites that declared they had what I was looking for.

I was lucky enough to have no intervention from my other half and he was more than happy to leave me to deal with it all and handle anything that came my way regarding the wedding itself. Although reading about it and looking back at the time this seemed all too good to be true, as he loves to intervene and add his opinion where otherwise not required! I did wonder and now I know why. Though when it comes to organising any kind of gathering it seems I am the event organiser of the household.

So upon the research and creation of this list, firstly I took it upon myself to investigate the more local venues. After reading about what they had to offer it seemed a good idea to view the venue and see for myself if it indeed could cater for all my requirements, as their websites seemed to indicate they all offered an abundance of services that would leave me requiring nothing further.

Searching for wedding venues Chester wedding venues Chester and wedding venues North Wales wedding venues North Wales brings an array of information and this is the time where a short list is required. As stated previously many a site will advise that they have all you need and desire to make your special day go off with a bang, but we need to consider the location itself. Is the venue accessible to people travelling from all over? Many a time I can get to places North bound but find to arrive at the same destination from a South bound route would require me to take the exit two junctions on. So how to get there for all guests is a must. And to ensure the journey can be accessed via car, train and even bus.

Once guests arrive is there ample car parking? If you choose to arrive by horse and carriage, would there be enough access for both horse and carriage and all other cars. Also a consideration would be if people are coming from the same destination and arriving by coach. Would there then be enough for the horse and carriage, the car and the coach? Space can be an issue which can also be over looked, when you arrive at a venue and decide the venue is so pretty it’s the one, you tend to over look the logistics of the day. In order for the location to be the perfect on then other factors must be ticked too, which is why a list of objectives is paramount.

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