Once you have decided to waterproof the basement of your Wichita home, you need to hire a reliable contractor. Before you agree to work with, or hire, a particular contractor ask them to come in for a free inspection and provide a free estimate of the costs involved. Each waterproofing project is unique. The cost of the waterproofing work will depend on a number of factors such as the:

Size of the basement
Cause of the wetness
Solution proposed

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Before the contractor offers a solution to keep your basement dry, they will study the reasons for the wet basement. The solutions for waterproofing the basement of your Topeka home will depend on the causes of the wet basement. Some of the reasons for a wet basement are:

Leaking pipes
Seepage of water from the floor
Water seepage through the concrete walls
Water seepage through the joints between the walls and floor

In case the wetness in the basement is because of leaking or burst pipes, the contractor will dry the basement and replace the pipes with superior pipes that do not leak or burst.

If the wetness is because of excessive moisture accumulation in the soil around the basement, it will seep into the basement through cracks, joints, and the concrete. Just sealing the cracks and joints is not a long-term solution. Instead the contractor will lay special drains under the floor or around the perimeter of the basement to collect the excess water. This will then be collected in a sump and a sump pump installed to divert the water away from the house. Only by installing a sump pump and a secondary pump backed by a battery can the contractor ensure that the waterproofing of the basement of your Kansas City home will last as long as it should.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundations of homes and other buildings are damaged by expansive soils around them. When the soil expands it exerts pressure on the foundation walls. However, there is no counter pressure from inside the foundation. This leads to cracked, bowing, buckling, or tilting walls. Sometimes, the foundation sinks in unstable soil. Yet another symptom of a damaged foundation is uneven floors. This is normally an indication that the crawl spaces are sagging. Whatever the cause or the sign of a damaged foundation, it is essential to undertake foundation repair as soon as possible. This is because damaged foundations affect the structure.

Specialist foundation repair contractors in Topeka, Kansas City, or Wichita use:

Wall anchors
Helical piles
Push piers
Channel anchors
Crawl space support posts


A solid and dedicated foundation repair company in Kansas City will use products that come with written, transferable warranties. This ensures that you have a solution mechanism in case there are any glitches in the product or during installation. The transferable warranty ensures that the value of your property will be high in case you want to sell your house. By ensuring that the contractor you choose to repair your foundation offers products backed by a written warranty you can be sure that the repairs they do will hold up to the test of time and forces exhibited by Mother Nature.

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