Although astral projection is a natural process and to a certain extent can even be controlled, there are certain dangers that are associated with it and you should be aware of these before attempting any lengthy or involved travels. So what kinds of dangers are we talking about?

Many people like to think of the astral body as being connected to the physical body by a silver cord or even a rubber band. The astral body is unable to detach itself from the physical body because this cord is strong and secure. In fact, the only time it becomes broken is during the last projection, which would be death. This cord, or band, is very important and is what allows the astral body to return.

One of the most common worries is that the cord will snap during travels and that the astral body will not be able to return to the physical body. Another worry is that while the astral body is out of the physical body, another astral body can fill the physical body, preventing the right astral body to return to it. That would leave the proper astral body out in limbo.

The fact is, however, neither of these concerns have any real grounds for worrying. While they both sound plausible, they’re not common and they don’t happen as often as it seems like they should. For one thing, the cord that attaches the two bodies works as a conduit and can normally sense any danger as far as “takeovers” are concerned and the only real way to severe it is death.

There are other concerns, however, that are more real.

It is very important to have a certain amount of control when you use astral travel. Of course, sometimes you do it unconsciously, such as in your dreams, and that’s more difficult to control but when you are doing it intentionally your frame of mind must be functioning at its best capacity. Some people, for instance, try astral travel when they are under the influence of mind altering drugs or alcohol. While astral travel can be achieved during these times, it’s difficult to tell if it’s real astral travel, dreaming, or something else. When you use drugs or alcohol to intensify the experience you don’t have full control over your mind’s capacity, either, and this can be detrimental to your safety. You might even end up someplace dangerous or on a lower astral level and that’s not always a nice place to be.

Another danger of astral travel is trying to do it when the situation isn’t ideal. Some people, for instance, like to astral project when their children are napping. Although this can be a great time to do it, and maybe even your only time, again you need to be sure that you have some control over what you are doing and remain somewhat conscious. This takes some practice. If you’re a beginner, you might want to practice astral travel alone before you try to do it when you have other obligations in the house at the same time.

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