What To Say To A Woman After Having Sex With Her: The Best Way To Stimulate A Woman

After having sex with a girl, you can be sure that you will end up cuddling afterwards and just basking in the affections of one another. In these cases, girls usually expect guys to say things to them regarding how endearing they happen to be; but usually, guys will never know how to react after sex, much less even what to say. Read on to find out some lines you can say to girls to make them fall for you in practically an instant and have them running back to you for sex over and over again after that...

Things To Say To Girls Right After Doing The Deed - Make Them Love You Right Away!

Line #1: "Having you lie next to me is like having heaven on earth." Girls are going to be highly appreciative of you if you can make them feel like you would rather be in bed with them rather than anywhere else in the world.

If you tell a girl after doing the deed that you would rather be right next to her than anywhere else, you can eliminate any of the suspicions and doubts she might have regarding your overall interest in her. It will also make sure that she doesn't think you are only after sex.

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Line #2: "There is nothing else in this world that I could possibly need but you." This line happens to be extremely effective - provided you actually mean it when it comes out of your mouth, that is. If you are currently unhappy with your latest bed partner and still want to play the field when it comes to finding girls to sleep with, you should try to avoid this line first because you do not want to seem fake to anybody. See, girls can tell when guys are telling lies and because of this, you really need to take heed whenever you say something to them.

Line #3: "Do you have any idea how perfect you are? You have both beauty and brains. What more could a man want?" Girls are very insecure beings and seem to think that being with guys is a never-ending race with other girls on earth. Because of this, they also think that they have to work hard to keep you. By telling her how perfect she is and reassuring her that no other girl out there will be able to satisfy you like she does, she is sure to fall in love with you!

You could also try showering your girl with some dirty talk, if you want, but sweet talk usually works better after doing the deed with a girl. If anything, dirty talk needs to be kept for other times, like during sex instead of after sex, if anything.

You can also ensure that a girl stays interested in you in the long term if you can make her connect with you emotionally. Once you get a girl to feel certain things for you after saying the lines mentioned above, you can really make her fall in love with you, too. Get ready for some crazy sessions in bed in no time.

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Listen up.

If you are like many guys -- you take at least a little interest in FEMALE ORGASMS.

You like to give your woman orgasms and you like to feel that you are 'doing a good job IN THE BEDROOM'.

And that's good.

You have my respect.

Here's the thing though...

For most women -- their reality is that their men give them less than amazing sex. (That's why a lot of women 'do the dirty' and cheat on their men).

The truth is that most women either aren't having orgasms or are only having clitoral orgasms when their men 'get it on' with them in the bedroom.

Neither option is particularly great for any woman.

Now, you might be wondering why the second option (having clitoral orgasms) isn't great.

And you're right to wonder that.

The reason why only giving your woman clitoral orgasms isn't great is because she is capable of SO MUCH MORE. Every woman can have g-spot vaginal, deep spot vaginal, squirting, multiple and anal orgasms (as well as the much more common clitoral orgasms).

To experience all those other types of climax, a woman usually needs a good lover to help her get there. She simply cannot do it on her own.

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First of all, let's answer the following question...

What Is The G-Spot?

The G-Spot is a very sensitive area inside your woman's vagina. You will find it one or two inches in, along the front wall. You'll know you've found it when you find an area that feel raised, spongy and a little ridged (NOTE: it only feels this way when your woman is very sexually excited. But you shouldn't have your fingers inside her unless she is very sexually excited anyway).

Now you know where to find the g-spot, let's answer this question...

How Should You Touch The G-Spot To Give Your Woman A Vaginal Orgasm?

The answer is by using a 'come-hither' motion.

You need to start out just using your middle finger and moderate pressure. This maybe enough to give your woman a vaginal orgasm. However, many women like more pressure, so increase it gradually until you can tell she's about to come... then just keep doing the same 'come-hither' motion with the same pressure until she has an almighty vaginal orgasm.

Then do it again.

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Girls will have a strong orgasm only if you can arouse their desires to such a level that they lose total control over their body. If they feel self-conscious or afraid then they may not even be able to reach a single orgasm.

Here are tips that can help you to give a strong orgasm that registers a healthy reading on the Richter scale.

Get her at ease. Even before you plan any moves on your girl, it is essential that you put their mind at ease. Girls enjoy sex on a spiritual level as well as a physical level unlike guys and it is essential that you arouse her by talking calmly and romantically to her and treating her to a candle-light dinner or a long walk.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Remain tuned to her needs and desires. Observe her body language as you slowly peel off each garment off her body. Use kisses and caresses to get her sufficiently aroused. If she does not appear comfortable, then stop and if she moans in pleasure then continue your actions.

Use foreplay to give her strong initial orgasms. As your girl can experience many orgasms, start out with erotic foreplay by giving her cunnilingus with your tongue. Her clitoris will beg for more as you naughtily flick your tongue over it and her g-spot too will throb with desire as you run your fingers firmly over it. These foreplay techniques will give her strong and screaming orgasms even as she waits impatiently for you to penetrate her.

You should time intercourse correctly for a massive joint-orgasm. Your intercourse action should start out with slow and firm thrusts that increase in frequency. Keep on kissing and caressing to increase closeness and keep the fires of desire burning bright. Once your girl starts shuddering and her vaginal walls tighten around your penis then the time could be ripe for a strong and massive joint-orgasm that tests every joint of your bed.

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It's easy to get a date with a woman and talk to her about all sorts of things. But the most difficult thing is to truly arouse her to an extent where she craves for sex instantly. You see with women it's basically all about the mood and you need to help her set the mood as it wouldn't just automatically happen. There are some secret underground ways some of the biggest seducers in the world use. Read on to discover what these ways are how you can use them to arouse her instantly.......

First get her attention- In order to truly turn her on you need to get all her focus and attention on what you are saying to her. The environment has to be right as well in order to do this since you simply can not turn her on sexually when you are in an environment where you have too many people especially like a restaurant or something. Make sure you have her in a room alone.

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Make her feel good about herself and raise her emotional level- The next step is to make her feel good about herself and raise her emotional state. You see women are emotional creatures and they will never get turned on unless you say something which directly appeals to their emotions. Tell her how good she sounds and smells. Tell her that you love the sound of her voice. Sex is all about smells, sounds and tastes and when you talk about these things it will automatically turn her on sexually.

Discuss sexual fantasies with her- Ask her about her sexual fantasies and what she truly fantasies about when it comes to the matter of sex. You see asking her about what she likes will get her in an emotional state where she will instantly get turned on and would be more than ready for sex.

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