What To Say When Your Ex Calls You: When An Ex Calls To Check On You

There is no one thing that you can say that will make your ex girlfriend come back to you. You have to understand that there are a few things that you will have to say and some words that you will have to put in action if you want to get your ex back. Here is what needs to be done.

"I was wrong"
The first thing that you have to say is to admit that you were wrong. This shows that you are willing to take ownership of your mistakes and are willing to make amends. Admitting that one is wrong takes guts and that is sure to make your ex feel a little better.

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"I'm sorry that I hurt you"
Now, you need to make your ex girlfriend see how sorry you are for making the mistakes that you did. You need to tell her that you are sorry that you hurt her. But just saying sorry is never enough. You need to tell her how you feel you have hurt her and how pathetic you feel about doing what you did.

"I was lucky to have you"
Look like you are accepting the break up. Then tell her that you feel that you were truly lucky to have an amazing woman like her in your life. Tell her that your life is truly enriched because of her and it is only because of her that you are the man that you are.

Don't make negative comments
The chances of your woman getting angry are quite high. At this time she might say stuff that might not hold good but don't loose your cool and launch into a verbal battle again. Don't try to tell her what mistakes she made.

Listen to what she has to say
Learn to listen to what she is actually meaning to say to you. She might be brutal in her criticism but you need to understand why she is actually saying what she is saying. Be able to decipher the hurt under her negativity and show her that you understand her.

Never use bad language
No matter how provoked you are you must never use bad language in front of your ex. Tell her instead that you have been truly happy with her. Instead of saying negative things and using bad language you should be very mature in the way you conduct yourself and probably say things like you had the best time of your life with her.

Make her feel wanted
Make your ex girlfriend feel wanted by saying things like you were the luckiest guy in the world as you were with her and that any guy who gets her will be as lucky. Tell her that she is special and is irreplaceable and she will eventually come back to you.

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You know the saying that curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity can be just the ticket to getting your ex to know what you are doing. Making your ex more curious about you can make them more involved with you and eventually back in your arms.

Ignoring Your Ex
This is a hard thing to do for some but it's going to give you great results that you are going to love. While you may think it's going to make them disappear out of your life, it will actually do the opposite. They are going to want to know why you are ignoring them.

Who's Your New Mate?
If your ex sees you with someone else, they are going to be tempted to ask you about them and to know more about what you are doing. This does not have to be a new partner, you can pretend you are with them in order to get your ex talking to you again.

Make Friends with Your Ex's Friends
This method is effective and is going to get your ex yapping at you once again. It's going to get their attention as they are going to be wondering why you are friends with their friends.

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Treat Others Nice
Treating others that your ex is around can have him wondering why you are ignoring him or why you are treating him worse than others. Anything to get them to talk to you again is essential to getting them back into your life.

Spread Rumors
This is something that can have them back to you in a matter of a day. Spread a rumor about him that is a lie and he will be wondering why. Maybe spread something about you going somewhere with a popular person and he is going to be asking you who, what, where and when's.

Change Your Looks
This can be something as simple as wearing a few new outfits or dressing a little better to have them see how much better looking you are now. The better looking you are, the more your ex is going to be dying to get you back.

Act happy
Acting happy is going to make your ex feel you are fine without them. This is not what they want. They want to feel that without them you are miserable. Act happy and let them see it so they come crawling back to you.

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Looking for ways to make your recent ex go crazy for you all over ago and miss you? This may seem hard, and in fact, if the right things are done or said, you can have him or her missing you within a matter of days.

One of the first things you should do is to start doing some soul searching and determine what your best traits are and also try and determine what things your ex liked about you the most.

What Was the Reason it Ended
What was the main reason for you two breaking up? Was it something you did or didn't do? Try to fix the flaw you had or the main reason for the breakup. Were you acting a certain way that was unacceptable, and if so fix it.

Become Desirable
You should think of ways to become desirable to your ex once again. Being single says enough, but you should do more to make your ex become crazy for you all over again. Perhaps work on new looks and making yourself better looking. This can be anything from doing your hair differently.

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Don't Become Desperate
While you may feel pouring your feelings out to your ex is the best way to get them to miss you, it's not. This makes you look desperate which is something you don't want them to see. Show them you are OK without them, even though inside you feel differently.

Utilize Jealousy Tools Sometimes
Making your ex miss you is not always about making them jealous. It may work in some cases, but not always. Too much jealousy is not going to make them miss you so be careful how jealous you try to make them.

You're Awesome for Your Ex
Instead of feeling as if you didn't deserve your ex, think the other way. Put it into your head that you are the perfect partner for them. If you make yourself realize your love was perfect, it's going to make talking to them easier in the long run.

Don't Call or E-Mail
While you may be super tempted to call them or even e-mail, don't. You need to give them time to miss you and by always contacting them you are not giving them that opportunity. Let them come to you first. Doing these things will eventually get to them and they will be knocking at your door all in good time.

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It's a pretty explainable mistake that when you took your wedding vows you didn't hear "Til Death Do Us Part" but instead "You Must Party Til Death." Hey, it happens but besides getting a hearing aid, now you've got to try and get back with your wife who wasn't the fondest of your married actions.

Step 1: A Do-Over: Sometimes at a recreational softball game, both teams think the close call went their way and the ump never really did see the play. The only thing that's fair is to try a do-over. You and your wife both think that you're in the right but maybe you should just say let's try this again.

Step 2: Don't Be Bitter: You'll never get your wife back if she loathes every time she has to talk to you because an epic battle breaks out. Try and talking calm and friendly so that your wife actually wants to hear your voice.

Step 3: Give Them Space: Your wife won't come back if you call her every hour just to see what she's thinking, after all you didn't ask her once in the 9 months you were married. Your wife will miss you more if you take the separation time to better yourself and the family's situation.

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Step 4: Stay In Contact: You don't want to vanish for good and you can use sparse phone calls as your big moment to make a splash. Be relaxed and think of some funny things to say when you guys chat. Resist talking about the relationship and instead just shoot the breeze.

Step 5: Enjoy Company: If your phone calls go well, the next step is to hang out together again. You don't need a romantic date to a 5-star restaurant as a trip to the mall is more indicative of something you'd actually do if back together. Take the opportunity to genuinely enjoy your wife's company.

Step 6: Throw It Out There: Avoid saying "We should definitely get back together" and instead throw something like "Think we could ever make it work again?" This is a good way to gauge her response and doesn't make you come off too overbearing.

Step 7: Be A Good Guy: Whether you two end up getting back together this instant or not, stay a cool dude. She'll appreciate that you made the transition easy for her and if you have children it'll be less stress on them. Plus, by maintaining good ground, you'll always have that possibility for a return to glory down the road.

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