There are many things to see in Ischia, just choose where to start. If you choose Ischia for the sea, there are beaches not to be missed, if you want to take a break dedicated to wellness, discover the bathing establishments to visit in Ischia.

If you also want to take a break in the name of nature and history for holidays in Italy, these are the places of interest in Ischia to visit.

What to see in Ischia: the historical places

The island of Ischia also offers points of historical interest such as the Aragonese Castle, built-in 474 BC by the Greeks, transformed over the centuries into the characteristic fortress still visible today and connected to the rest of the island by the characteristic bridge.

Another place of particular interest is the Forio tower, a strategic point from which sightings were made; from the tower, the warning of danger in case of invasion started, which is why for the Ischitans it has always been a symbol of protection.

Next to the Torrione, there is the characteristic Chiesa del Soccorso di Forio, with the typical white color of Mediterranean buildings. Overlooking the sea, the church collects countless votive offerings from Ischian sailors.

Finally, you cannot leave Ischia without visiting the characteristic Borgo di Sant'Angelo, with its colorful houses, outdoor tables, and souvenir shops.

The center is closed to traffic and can only be reached by bus: it is worth the trip for a shopping and coffee break.

In Ischia, there are many things to see and do, which is why there are many reasons why you have to dedicate a holiday to the island!

Beaches in Ischia which to see

There are not many other places in the world that offer you the opportunity to take a relaxing break in a natural thermal bath directly in the sea. The Bay of Sorgeto in Ischia offers you the opportunity to take a bath in a source of hot thermal water that crosses with the sea.

Despite the 234 steps to be taken to reach it, the beauty of the bay is always very popular with tourists; advice? Go there early in the morning!
Another obligatory stop is certainly represented by the Chiaia beach in Forio, the largest and most comfortable on the island; if you are looking for fine and golden sand, you cannot miss the Bay of San Montano in Ischia where you will find crystal clear emerald green water and golden sand.

The most beautiful itineraries and attractions

A walk in one of the fantastic pine forests or on the beautiful waterfront of Casamicciola - Lacco Ameno or Forio.

Choose the best time of the day also according to the season to discover the island of Ischia on foot. We also suggest some routes do absolutely!
What to see in Ischia: the spas

The island of Ischia has been famous since the time of the Greeks and Romans for the therapeutic properties of its thermal waters.

The first stage is represented by the Nitrodi spring whose water is drinkable and the Ministry of Health has certified its curative capacity for gastritis ulcers, to facilitate diuresis, for its purifying properties (reduces uric acid).

Applied to the body, it treats any type of skin impurity and also has a healing effect.

In Ischia, the many thermal parks are also worth seeing, such as Poseidon, Negombo, the gardens of Aphrodite, the Terme di Castiglione, Bagnitiello, and Cavascura. By paying a daily entrance ticket you can enjoy thermal pools of different temperatures, waterfalls, and saunas for a relaxing break.

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Ischia offers you a variety of places to visit and things to do during your vacation.