It has been shown in research that how good your relationship with your therapist is has a big impact on how successful the therapy is. It is just as important as things like experience and training. A counseling therapist in Brick, NJ should be someone you feel safe and comfortable with. You want someone who is consistent, authentic and safe. Just as with any relationship, there might be miscommunications or bumps but these are things that can be addressed and repaired.

Factors as you look for a potential therapist

  1. Where are they located - A lot of people base their choice on this factor alone but it should not be more important than experience, license and other factors. But it is true that choosing someone you can get to easily means you are more likely to keep to your appointments. How far are you willing to travel, does it work better if it is closer to home or work? Does it need to be close to public transportation?
  2. How easy to reach are they - A counseling therapist in Wall, NJ should be easy for you to contact whether by email or phone. They or their office should also quickly respond to messages or calls.
  3. Are they available when you need them - Different therapists will be more available or less depending on how many patients they already have and other commitments. Think about the hours they are open, the number of sessions they offer and how frequently and whether that works well for you.
  4. Are you looking for something specific - Some people prefer to talk to someone who is the same gender, a similar age or such. Do you have any preferences for things you want in terms of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age or such? Some therapists are willing to do this and some are less comfortable. For example, some in the LGBTQ+ community want to talk specifically to LGBTQ+ therapists for their counseling therapist in Brick NJ.
  5. What type of credentials are you looking for - There are different qualifications and types of people you can talk to for help so is there one in particular you want? Therapist, psychologist, social worker, and so on.
  6. Is there an area of expertise you want them experienced in - Some therapists focus on specific areas, addiction, grief, anxiety, and depression for example. Are you looking for someone with a specialization in the area you are seeking help with? Also, some therapists train in specific methods, approaches or techniques and you should look into them and what they do to better help decide whether you want that person as your therapist.


When looking for a counseling therapist in Wall NJ it is a good idea to prepare, do your homework and talk to different therapists. Also, understand that sometimes even when you do prepare you can find things are not going well and choose to find someone else. Just make sure you are leaving because you are not comfortable with the therapist and not because you do not want to open up in general or are scared.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.