Greetings from the Sonoma Ashram in California. It’s a beautiful place to breathe deeply, go inside and pay attention to how I am being with myself. How deeply am I loving myself? What parts of me need even more love?

This is from Shadow Work ® - a powerful healing journey that I use to access parts of me that are a bit buried but still wreaking havoc. "We love all the time and we can't stop (loving) because it’s who we are. And when we love someone and lose them in some way, we feel the pain of that loss, and we find a way to keep that lost loved one with us by carrying something painful for them. We carry a torch for them. We memorialize them."

This is one explanation as to why we behave in certain ways that remain perplexing to us. It also explains why we haven’t manifested or experienced things we really want! Like financial abundance, a lasting relationship, that perfect job.

These shadows show up in our adult lives often in ways that are destructive or obstacles to our living our lives to the fullest.

We are loyal to a fault at times. We continue to carry the torch our parents or grandparents held even if it wasn't a healthy one for them - and not a healthy one for us.

What torch are you still carrying that you are ready to put down soon?

I've been carrying hidden beliefs about money that came from my maternal grandfather who worked at 3 am in the "meat district" in Manhattan. Earning money meant working as hard as possible - blood, sweat and tears. And even was never enough. Baked goods were our treats; and the meat he brought to fill our freezer was like gold.

I also find some hidden beliefs from my father. We had years as a kid that he was out of work and there was fear. He lived beyond his means later on in his meant there was some shame about money.

I've been putting these torches down for a while but I still find them "in Shadow" -- however, I'm preparing to put them out once and for all. <3 #blessed

Again - what torch are you carrying that you may be ready to put down soon?

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Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC is a psychotherapist, certified sex coach sex educator, and creator of Come Back To Love, Inc®. Robyn marries traditional psychological principles with spiritual tantric philosophy and practice. She teaches couples and individuals how to master the skills of intimacy and come back to love. Those that are struggling in relationship, feeling lost around love, and deeply craving purposeful and passionate connection gain much insight and healing in their work with Robyn. Learn more at