You are the event organizer of your team and you are out looking for the perfect party place to host a corporate fun event. What should you look for? The answer is both simple and complex, depending on your priorities and requirements. There are tons of Corporate Party Places in Gurgaon and each has a star-rated list of amenities. But not each party venue promises a productive and entertaining time together. Only a few resorts that cater to corporate parties have everything it needs to make such an event a success for both the employers and the employees. Let’s take a look at what those features are:

Pool Side Party Deck

The first thing that you must look in a corporate party venue is a decent size pool side deck. When you have full access to a pool side, party ideas will start to flow. You can do a little outdoor barbecue, or organize a pool party for the guests to relax on the deck or have some fun soaking in the water. The pool side is also a great spot to install the DJ play station. Free up a little space to create a make-shift dance floor where the guests can groove to the DJ’s playlist.

Large Capacity Facilities

Depending on the size of your batch, you want a facility that is roomy enough to accommodate them. The best resorts in Gurgaon and Delhi have a minimum of 2000+ capacity. Since corporate parties normally do not exceed that size, a group of headcounts below 2000 people comfortably fit in at these facilities. The reason you want to a bigger facility than a smaller one is because you want the guests to be able to move around freely and relax, none of which a crowded venue allows.

Sports Lawn

It’s a day out which means you have to arrange for some outdoor activities. One way to make the day fun filled and introduce cohesion in the group is to schedule sports activities. For this, you need those facilities that have sports lawns. Only a few Best Resorts in Gurgaon has a full game pavilion. Those that do have lawns for tennis, cricket, badminton and other sports. Depending on the interests of your guests, they can group up for the sports of their choice. While it’s fun, it is also a great way to promote team building.

Provision for Theme Parties

One other thing you want to check with the resorts is the options for theme parties. Some resorts and venues allow all sorts of theme parties, while others have a set bar. Corporate parties are most fun when there is a theme involved. Themes make room for options like costumes and activities which only make parties most engaging.

So any party venue that checks all the options on this list is a good place to book for a great corporate party. Book at least a month in advance to avoid the last minute horror.

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