In this modern era, clothes have very much evolved from being just a basic necessity to a lot more. Nowadays, clothes have become a lifestyle and a fashion statement to one and all in this world. It does not matter what the style or the material or the cost of the clothing is, they have become valuable these days. This is the reason why their care and protection are so important.

Every clothing that you own cannot be cleaned by simply immersing them in the washing machine with a little detergent. There are some clothes that require more than just simple laundry cleaning. These clothing are made of special fabrics and thus they require dry cleaning.

What is dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning as the name suggests involves cleaning of the special clothes or garments by using a special kind of chemical solvent which is definitely not water to remove different stains and dirt from the fabric. The fluids that were used in dry cleaning earlier were highly inflammable and thus it was considered hazardous to use. But these days, they use solvents which are safer and good for your environment and skin.

Dry cleaning has become absolutely necessary for delicate fabrics as they cannot withstand the conventional style of washing. But again there are cities where they do not have time to wash clothes at home thus they end up sending all their clothes to the laundry services.

Here are some of the fabrics that you should surely send for dry cleaning:

If the fabric that you want to wash contains more than 60% silk then it requires special care to protect the natural silk fiber present in the clothing. These fibers have a tendency to change their shape and elongate if they are exposed to normal wash.

Cotton voile or muslin:
These types of fabrics are quite delicate and might get torn even if you try to wash them by hand. Hence you need to give them for dry cleaning.

Suede and soft leathers:
These are the types of fabric which might pose a problem if something gets spilled on it. Hence, it should always be dry cleaned especially for stain removal.

Embroidery, sequins and beaded garments:
Extra precaution and care must be taken for clothing that has such fine work as it is highly essential and thus it should be given for dry cleaning to an experienced dry cleaner.

This is not a rugged fabric at all and hence it would be a wise decision to take it for dry cleaning to ensure that it gets the required care.

Vintage clothes:
You may have some cherished clothes you want to preserve for years and maybe even transfer down to next generations. Washing at home may damage them. You will have to discuss the issue with them and tell them the relevance of using chemicals that will not damage and instruct them to use techniques which will preserve the fibers for years to come.

Painted fabrics:
Paint is used as an additional layer to clothes this may fade with repeated washing. In some clothes puffy paint is added with glue and this may peel off with normal washing. So they require dry cleaning.

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